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Adjustable Rate Mortgage
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Sale Price
Down Payment
Initial Interest Rate %
Length of Initial Fixed Rate
Maximum Interest Rate Step %
Minimum Length Between Steps
Maximum Interest Rate %
Length of Loan
Additional Principal Each Month
Other Closing Costs

Initial Payment
Maximum Payment
Average Payment
Loan Amount
Maximum Total Interest
Maximum Total Paid
Payoff Time

Number of Payments
Average Annual Cost
Points Amount
Maximum Total Property Cost

All calculators are made available as self-help tools for your independent use with results based on information provided by the user. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only. Calculated results are believed to be accurate but results are not guaranteed. Mortgage calculator results are based upon conventional program guidelines. Other loan programs are available. Further review by a professional is necessary to obtain exact and complete information and available options for your personal circumstances.
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A title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.
The name of your potential lender. This field is not required but may help if you have printed out several loan scenarios.
The sale price for your property. (NOT the amount of money you plan to borrow.)
The amount of money you plan to put as a down payment on your property.
The initial interest rate for your adjustable rate mortgage.
The length of time the 'Initial Interest Rate' is guaranteed or fixed. The 'Length of Initial Fixed Rate' is probably several years and is usually longer than the 'Minimum Length Between Steps'. Also choose whether 'Length of Initial Fixed Rate' is years or months.
The maximum percent your interest rate can go up each time it is adjusted.
Each interest rate adjustment will hold the new rate for at least this long. Also choose whether 'Minimum Length Between Steps' is years or months.
Your interest rate cannot go higher than 'Maximum Interest Rate'.
How long you will pay on this loan. Also choose whether 'Length of Loan' is years or months.
The additional amount you will pay each month (over the required monthly amount) to pay down the principal on your loan. While paying additional principal each month on a tradional mortgage has a significant effect on the payoff time, it does not have that same effect on the payoff time of an adjustable rate mortgage. That's because each time the interest is adjusted the payment changes and is calculated on the balance at the time of adjustment spread over the remaining payoff time. Even though additional principal doesn't pay an adjustable rate mortgage off a lot quicker, it does keep the payments more even between the high and low interest rate as it is adjusted.
The number of points (or percentage of the loan amount) you'll be paying to close this loan. Check 'Roll into Loan' if the cost of the loan points is being financed and included in the 'Loan Amount'.
Should be checked if the 'Points' are to be included in the loan as opposed to paid at closing.
Any other costs you'll be paying during the closing of your loan. These might be costs like the appraisal, property taxes, property insurance, title insurance, realtor fees, etc. Check 'Roll into Loan' if your closing costs (not to include loan points) is being financed and included in the 'Loan Amount'.
Should be checked if the 'Other Closing Costs' are to be included in the loan as opposed to paid at closing.
Your monthly payment amount (principal and interest only) during the initial fixed rate period.
This would be your maximum monthly payment (principal and interest only) if the interest rate reached 'Maximum Interest Rate'.
Your average monthly payment (principal and interest only) over the entire 'Length of Loan'.
'Sale Price' - 'Down Payment' + 'Points' (if rolled into loan) + 'Other Closing Costs' (if rolled into loan).
Total amount of interest you will pay over 'Length of Loan'.
Total amount of principal + interest you will pay over 'Length of Loan'.
Amount of time until the loan is paid off.
The number of payments you will make to pay off the loan.
The amount of money you will pay each year for this loan.
The points percentage applied to the amount you borrow gives the dollar amount the loan points will cost.
Total cost of this property when you include the 'Sale Price', 'Points Amount', 'Other Closing Costs' and the 'Total Interest' to be paid on the mortgage.
When checked, a section will appear below the calculator showing the complete amortization table.