Alcoholism (MAST)
Read each question carefully and completely. Take as much time as you need to reflect on each question. This tool is of no help to you if you refuse to answer each question honestly. Answers are completely confidential. No personal information is requested and your answers are not saved. Remember, if you cheat, you're only cheating yourself.
1. Do you feel you drink more than most other people?
2. Have you ever awakened the morning after drinking and could not remember part of the evening before?
3. Does your partner or parents worry or complain about your drinking?
4. Do you struggle to stop after 1 or 2 drinks?
5. Do you ever feel bad or guilty about your drinking?
6. Do friends and relatives feel you drink more than most other people?
7. Do you ever try to limit drinking to a certain time of day or certain places?
8. Have you ever tried to stop drinking but were not able to do so?
9. Have you ever attended an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting for your own drinking?
10. Have you gotten into fights while drinking?
11. Has drinking ever created problems between you and your partner or parents?
12. Has your partner or family ever sought help about your drinking?
13. Have you ever lost friends because of your drinking?
14. Have you ever gotten in trouble at work because of drinking?
15. Have you ever lost a job because of drinking?
16. Have you ever neglected obligations, family, or work for 2 or more days in a row because of drinking?
17. Do you often drink before noon (or your lunch time)?
18. Have you ever been diagnosed with liver trouble or cirrhosis?
19. Have you ever had Delerium Tremens (DTs), severe shakes, heard voices or seen things that weren't real after heavy drinking?
20. Have you ever sought help for your drinking?
21. Have you ever been hospitalized because of drinking?
22. Have you ever been admitted to a psychiatric ward because of drinking?
23. Have you ever sought help from a mental health clinic or professional, social worker, or clergy for emotional problems caused by drinking?
24. Have you ever been arrested or ticketed for drunk driving (DUI or DWI) or driving after drinking?
25. Have you ever been arrested, even for a brief time, for other drunken behavior?

Total 'Yes' (out of 25 possible)

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