Ready to Lose Weight
Read each question carefully and completely. Take as much time as you need to reflect on each question. This tool is of no help to you if you refuse to answer each question honestly. Answers are completely confidential. No personal information is requested and your answers are not saved. Remember, if you cheat, you're only cheating yourself.
1. Are you excited to get started right now and not wait for the new week, month, or year?
2. Do you have realistic weight loss goals (how much you want to lose and how long that should take)?
3. Do you accept that you will have to make lifelong changes in eating and exercise habits? Are you prepared to make these lifelong commitments?
4. Can you honestly say that you are no longer tempted by quick weight loss products and promises, and that you believe losing weight slowly is healthier and more successful long-term?
5. Can you make losing weight your top priority for the next 6 months or so? In other words, is your life stable right now and for the foreseeable future (no marital problems, no job changes or concerns, no major financial or business worries, no sickness in the family, no child custody threats, no other cause of major stress)?
6. Is losing weight so important to you that you're willing and able to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle that will allow you to faithfully follow your diet and exercise plan?
7. Do you accept that you will have to learn new skills and practice them to lose weight successfully?
8. Do you know where you can get support (family/friends, an internet group, a local weight loss group with regular meetings)?
9. Do you want to lose weight for yourself, not because your partner, friends, or parents nag you?
10. Are you willing to do things you don't really want to do if it will help you lose weight?
11. Do you know how to say 'No' to others who may try, purposely or not, to sabotage your efforts?
12. Have you had a recent physical and do you have permission from your doctor to begin a healthy, natural weight loss program?

Total 'Yes' (out of 12 possible)

All calculators are made available as self-help tools for your independent use with results based on information provided by the user. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only. Calculated results are believed to be accurate but results are not guaranteed. Health and Parenting Assessments address subjects that may be of interest to the general public. These assesments should be used for education about medical conditions only and are not for providing medical diagnosis. Only a health care professional can diagnose and recommend treatment. Users are advised to promptly check with a physician if a medical condition exists or is suspected.
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