Teen Learning Disability
Read each question carefully and completely. Take as much time as you need to reflect on each question. This tool is of no help to you if you refuse to answer each question honestly. Answers are completely confidential. No personal information is requested and your answers are not saved. Remember, if you cheat, you're only cheating yourself.
Common Symptoms
1. Is your teen easily distracted or has a short attention span?
2. Is your teen often frustrated with school work?
3. Is your teen extrememly disorganized?
4. Does your teen have trouble remembering things?
5. Does your teen have difficulty understanding or following instructions?
6. Does your teen get failing grades or have his/her grades fallen?
Dyslexia (Reading) Symptoms
7. Does your teen mix up words or letters while reading?
8. Does your teen substitute words when reading?
9. Is your teen a slow reader?
10. Is your teen a poor speller?
11. Does your teen have a relative with dyslexia?
Dysgraphia (Writing) Symptoms
12. Is your teen's handwriting illegible?
13. Does your teen improperly mix uppercase and lowercase letters?
14. Does your teen mix cursive and print?
15. Does your teen use spacing incorrectly when writing?
16. Does your teen leave out or mix up letters or words when writing?
17. Does your teen write slowly?
18. Does your teen hold their pen or pencil awkwardly?
Dyscalculia (Math) Symptoms
19. Does your teen struggle with simple math, like basic addition or substraction?
20. Does your teen have trouble with the sequence of numbers?
21. Does your teen have trouble figuring differences with time?
22. Does your teen have trouble working with money?
Dyspraxia (Coordination and Senses) Symptoms
23. Does your teen have a tendency to stumble?
24. Do you or others describe your teen as clumsy? (He/she may often drop, spill, or break things.)
25. Does your teen seem to have underdeveloped fine motor skills?
26. Is your teen sensitive to sounds or touch?

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