Physical Child Abuse Assessment

Is this child a victim of physical abuse? Any nonaccidental physical injury caused by a child’s caretaker is, by definition, physical abuse (even if the injury was not intentional). Physical abuse may result from extreme discipline or from overly harsh punishment by a parent or other caretaker who lacks self-control during stress or while using … Read more

Sexual Child Abuse Assessment

Is this child a victim of sexual abuse? Unlike physical abuse, there are often no obvious outward signs of child sexual abuse. However, the long-term emotional and psychological damage of sexual abuse can be devastating to the child. A sexually abused child can develop a number of disturbing feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Some sexually abused … Read more

Steroid Abuse Assessment

Is my teenager using steroids? Anabolic steroids (also known as roids, juice, hype, or pump) are man-made substances used to build muscle. They are legally available only by prescription and would be prescribed for low testerone production or loss of lean muscle mass. People are abusing steroids to enhance performance, especially for sports, and to … Read more

Teen Stress Assessment

Does my teenager have symptoms of stress? Teenagers face stress for different reasons than adults. Teens may be stressed about things at home, like blended family issues, divorced parents, siblings, an alcoholic parent, an abusive home, or pressures from home. Teens also experience stress from school, like pressure from teachers, parents, or friends to to … Read more

Teen Cell Phone Addict Assessment

Is my teenager addicted to a cell phone? Addiction is evident when an obsession with something disrupts the more important things in life, like personal relationships, schooling, or jobs. People can become addicted to pretty much anything, and teens are especially vulnerable to addictions, whether behavior or substance addictions. Teenagers who are shy and have … Read more