Teen Alcohol Abuse Assessment

Is my teenager using alcohol? Teenagers will abuse alcohol for many different reasons, but they all tend to exhibit many similar warning signs. It is important to identify teenager alocohol abusers early since alcohol abuse by teens quickly turns to binge drinking or alcoholism. (If your teen has many alcohol abuse warning signs, see our … Read more

Teen Alcoholism Assessment

Is my teenager addicted to alcohol? Alcoholism is different than alcohol abuse. Drinking occasionally and the ability to contol drinking may indicate alcohol abuse but not alcoholism. Alcohol abuse turns to alcoholism when a person drinks so much that physical and mental functions are impaired and the person needs more and more alcohol to get … Read more

Eating Disorder Assessment

How can I tell if my child or someone I know might have an eating disorder? An unhealthy relationship with food can lead to eating disorders, which have serious emotional and physical effects. Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating are fairly well-known eating disorders, but some eating disorders don’t fit into one of those categories. Some … Read more