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We want to be honest and transparent with our readers, so here are some insights into our Bikes / Bicycle, Gears and Bike Accessories’ review process.

Over the course of testing hundreds of different bikes and accessories, we’ve developed a review process that allows us to understand all the products from the inside out so that you, by proxy, can too. Below are some of the things we look for.

Mortgage Calculators

(19 Calculators) Calculate monthly payments, total interest, and total paid for all kinds of mortgages - traditional mortgage loans, interest-only, bi-weekly or adjustable rate mortgages. Compare payments for different loan amounts, down payments, rates, or lengths. How much does the down payment amount affect your payment? In this group, you'll also find a mortgage refinance calculator where you can determine new monthly payments and the break-even time if you refinance your mortgage. Also, find out what price home you can afford, how much equity you have in your home, how to pay off your home early or how much you still owe on your home, and MORE!

Free Online Calculators – Financial calculators and health calculators are great self screening and self education tools. Use financial calculators to find out how much your mortgage payments, auto payments, or any loan payment will be. Find out how much you can afford to pay for a house or car before talking to a realtor or car salesman! You can create a plan to get your debts paid off quickly too.

Use health calculators to learn more about your personal health and how to make safe, effective changes in your fitness, exercise, and nutrition habits to improve your overall health.

Free Online Assessments – These health assessment and parenting assessment screening tools are fun and educational. Have you ever asked yourself “What are the symptoms” of some medical condition or behavior? Self help health assessment tools can help you understand the signs of symptoms for many mental health, physical health, social health, and behavior conditions for yourself, your children, or someone you care about.