Child Overweight Risk Assessment

Is my child at risk of becoming overweight?

There is a lot of news lately suggesting that obesity is or is quickly becoming an epidemic in the U.S. Our children are not far behind – as adult obesity increases, so does childhood obesity. Most overweight children simply eat too much, especially unhealthy foods, and aren’t active enough. Researchers have found that about 25 percent of children and adolescents are overweight, double the percentage of 30 years ago. Obese children ages 10 to 13 reportedly have a 70 percent chance of becoming obese adults. Parents who recognize that their child is at risk for obesity can begin to make lifestyle changes to lessen that risk, like joining your children in active play and introducing new and healthier foods. While genetics does play a part in obesity, most people can control their weight through activity, exercise, and healthy eating. Not every child who is high risk will become overweight and even children who are not overweight right now may still be at risk of becoming overweight in their adolescence or adulthood if they have these high risk habits. Take this quick assessment to learn obesity risk factors and help you determine if you should make some lifestyle changes to reduce your child’s risk of obesity.

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