Childhood Asthma Assessment

Does my child have asthma?

Chronic asthma is the most common long-term children’s disease, affecting about 1-2% of children. Some people only display one symptom such as coughing or wheezing after exercise, or persistent coughing at night. Although these one symptom cases may not be chronic asthma, 15-20% of all children will have non-chronic asthma symptoms. An asthma attack occurs when the bronchial airways become inflammed, obstructing the airway and affecting breathing. Asthma attacks can be extremely mild or they may be serious enough to cause death. Asthma attacks are most often triggered by exercise, infection, allergies, and weather. The better you understand your child’s asthma, the better you will be able to control it. Take this quick assessment to learn the signs of childhood asthma and help you determine if your child may have asthma.


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