Financial Debt Calculators

Several tools to understand your financial debt. Create a schedule to eliminate your financial debt. Now compare that to consolidating your personal debt to see which is actually the best way of paying debt. Should you pay extra money each month to eliminate your personal debt or invest that extra toward paying debt all at once? Also in this group, take our quick ‘yes/no’ assessment to see if your financial habits may be leading you to financial trouble, and find out how much credit card interest you’ll pay and make a plan for paying all your financial debt!

Lower Debt – Debt Elimination


How should my payments be set up to lower debt the quickest?

How to Pay Down Debt – Debt Consolidation


Is debt consolidation the answer to how to pay down debt?

Paying Debt With Debt – Simple Debt Consolidation


Will my payments really be lower if I’m paying debt with debt by consolidating loans? Should I Get a Debt Consolidation Loan?

How to Pay Down Debt – Eliminate Debt or Invest


Should I use extra money to pay down debt immediately or invest it until there’s enough to pay off the debt at once?

Debt to Income Ratio is Important to Lenders – Debt Ratio


What is my debt to income ratio or debt ratio?

Financial Trouble Quiz


Are my financial habits going to lead to financial trouble?

CC Minimum Payment (2006 Rules)


How long will it take to pay off my credit card balance if I make only minimum payments?

CC Equal Payment


How long will it take to pay off my credit card balance if I pay the same amount each month?

CC Equal Payment by Payoff Time


How much should I pay each month if I want to pay off my credit card balance in a certain amount of time?

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