Mortgage Calculators

Calculate monthly payments, total interest, and total paid for all kinds of mortgages – traditional mortgage loans, interest-only, bi-weekly or adjustable rate mortgages. Compare payments for different loan amounts, down payments, rates, or lengths. How much does the down payment amount affect your payment? In this group, you’ll also find a mortgage refinance calculator where you can determine new monthly payments and the break-even time if you refinance your mortgage. Also, find out what price home you can afford, how much equity you have in your home, how to pay off your home early or how much you still owe on your home, and MORE!

Mortgage PITI


How much will my actual mortgage payment be, including taxes and insurance?

Mortgage Payment


How much will my mortgage payments be?

Mortgage Comparison


Help me compare mortgages with different terms.

Mortgage Refinance


How could refinancing my mortgage affect my payment or payoff time?

Mortgage Refinance Comparison


Help me compare mortgage refinances with different terms.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (A.R.M.)


How much might my payments be with an adjustable rate mortgage?

A.R.M. Comparison


Help me compare adjustable rate mortgages with different terms.

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payment


How much will my payments be with a true bi-weekly mortgage loan?

Bi-Weekly Mortgage Comparison


Help me compare bi-weekly mortgages with different terms.

Interest-Only Mortgage Payment


How much will my payments be with an interest-only mortgage?

Interest-Only Mortgage Comparison


Help me compare interest-only mortgages with different terms.

Balloon Payment


How much will my monthly payments and payoff amount be with a balloon mortgage?

Balloon Payment Comparison


Help me compare balloon mortgages with different terms.

Mortgage Qualification


What home price can I afford?

Pay Off Home – Mortgage Early Payoff


I’m interested in paying off my mortgage early, how much additional should I pay each month to pay off my home by the time I choose?

Extra Payment Calculator: Existing Mortgage Payoff


How will my existing mortgage be affected if I make extra mortgage payments to pay down the mortgage?

Existing Mortgage Analysis


How long have I been paying my mortgage? How much have I paid and how much more remains?

Debt to Income Ratio is Important to Lenders – Debt Ratio


What is my debt to income ratio or debt ratio?

Available Home Equity


How much equity do I have in my home and how much could I borrow?

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  1. Love this website, and I use it regularly as a professional CPA and a real estate investor. The one calculator that I don’t see, or probably don’t know how to make the adjustment work. I am looking for a calculator that could tell me how a rate adjustment would effect the payments in the middle of a mortgage. For instance, I have a 10 year note fixed for 5. The bank is offering instead of refinancing it, they will make a rate adjustment to it locked in for the remainder of the note.


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