Social Health & Relationships Assessments

Social health deals with relationships. Those relationships may be traditional, such as couples, or or they may be societal relationships, such as business partners. In any kind of relationship, some form of abuse may occur. Domestic abuse is much too common in our society. And abuses within our society, such as phishing and scams to get someone’s information or money, seem to be increasing. The key to protecting yourself and your loved ones is to recognize the warning signs as early as possible, then taking steps to prevent or correct any abuse. Answer these Yes/No questions to help you learn the symptoms and warning signs of a number of social health and relationship issues and help you figure out if you or someone you love should do more to protect yourself.

Domestic Abuse Victim


Is my family member, friend, or co-worker a victim of domestic abuse?

Abusive Relationship


Am I in an abusive relationship?

Emotionally or Verbally Abused


Am I being emotionally or verbally abused?

Daughter’s Abusive Relationship


Is my daughter in an abusive relationship?



I’m nervous about the way this person acts, am I being stalked?



I’m uncomfortable about the internet communications from someone, am I being cyberstalked?

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