Medication Costs Calculator

How much is medication costing me?

Use this calculator to see how much an over-the-counter or prescription medication is costing you each day, week, month, year, or over your lifetime.

Field Help

Input Fields

Title: A title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

Cost per Fill: The amount you pay each time you refill your prescription or purchase your medication.

Sales Tax: The sales tax percentage you will pay on this purchase.

Pills/Doses per Fill: The number of pills or count per prescription or package. If the medication is a liquid or cream that does not have a count, enter the approximate number of doses you get from each refill or purchase, then enter 1 in ‘Pills per Dose’.

Pills per Dose: The number of pills you take with each dose. You can enter a fraction if you are cutting pills (for example, enter .5 if your dose is half a pill). Enter 1 if the medication is a liquid or cream that does not have a count. If you don’t take the same number of pills each dose, enter your total daily pill count here then enter 1 in the ‘Doses per Day’ field.

Doses per Day: The number of doses you take or use each day. Remember to enter 1 here if you entered your total daily pill count in ‘Pills per Dose’.

Show Cost over: The specific number of years, months, weeks, or days you would like to calculate medication costs for.

Output Fields

Taxed Cost per Fill: The actual cost for each medication refill or purchase after tax has been added.

Cost per Dose: The cost for each dose of your medication.

Cost per Pill: The cost for each pill of your medication. If the medication is a liquid or cream that has no count, ‘Cost per Pill’ will be the same as ‘Cost per Dose’.

Each Fill Lasts: Each medication refill or purchase should last this long.

Time: Medication costs have been calculated for each of the time periods shown in this column.

Cost: The total cost for your medication over the time period shown.

Doses: You will take or use this many doses of medication over the time period.

Pills: You will take this many total pills over the time period. If the medication is a liquid or cream that has no count, ‘Pills’ will equal ‘Doses’.

Refills: Your medication will be refilled or purchased this many times over the time period.

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