Eating Disorder Assessment

How can I tell if my child or someone I know might have an eating disorder? An unhealthy relationship with food can lead to eating disorders, which have serious emotional and physical effects. Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating are fairly well-known eating disorders, but some eating disorders don’t fit into one of those categories. Some … Read more

Eating Disorder Contributor Assessment

Am I contributing to my child’s risk of developing an eating disorder? As a parent, you may be contributing to your child’s risk of developing an eating disorder. Answer these few questions to learn more about how parents may unknowingly contribute to a child’s eating disorder and help you evaluate if you may need to … Read more

Food Craving Or Hunger Assessment

When you eat, is it because you are physically hungry or psychologically craving food? Our bodies and minds deceive each other and confuse us into becoming or remaining overweight. Once you learn to recognize real hunger from cravings you can create a Cravings Substitute List and work on other anti-craving techniques to help you achieve … Read more

General Addiction Symptoms Assessment

Could I be addicted to some substance or behavior? Addiction is evident when an obsession with something disrupts the more important things in life, like personal relationships, schooling, or jobs. People can become addicted to pretty much anything. Addiction to substances like alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs are well-known. Impulse control disorders, or behavior … Read more

Internet Addict Assessment

Am I addicted to the internet? Are you on the internet every minute you can? Do you turn down social activities because you would rather be online? Do you spend too much time at work surfing? You may have an internet addiction. Addiction is evident when an obsession with something disrupts the more important things … Read more

Alcoholism (Short Form) (SMAST) Assessment

Is my drinking normal or do I potentially have a problem with alcohol? Is your drinking considered normal, by you and others, or do you think you may be alcoholic? This quick assessment is based on the Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (SMAST), one of the standard tests used by doctors and counselors to determine … Read more