Childhood Brain Tumor Assessment

According to the Mayo Clinic, brain tumors are the most common solid tumors in children and adolescents, with close to 5,000 children diagnosed each year in the United States. They also account for about 20% of all childhood cancers, as stated by the American Brain Tumor Association. Take our concise assessment to understand if symptoms suggest a … Read more

Physical Child Abuse Assessment

child physical abuse

According to the data from the National Children’s Alliance, Child abuse and neglect are serious problems that can have lasting harmful effects on victims. The most common form of maltreatment in the U.S. is neglect, followed by physical abuse and sexual abuse. Gain insight into potential physical child abuse with our assessment. Answer a few simple questions … Read more

Sexual Child Abuse Assessment

According to this study, Sexual child abuse is a form of child abuse that includes sexual activity with a minor, or exposing a child to sexual materials or situations. It can occur in any setting and often involves someone the child knows and trusts. Sexual child abuse can have severe and long-lasting impacts on the physical, psychological, … Read more

Binge Eating Assessment

Bulimia Assessment

Did you know that binge eating disorder affects millions of teenagers worldwide, leading to serious physical and emotional consequences? Binge eating disorder is a type of eating disorder that involves recurrent episodes of binge eating during which a person feels a loss of control and marked distress over his or her eating. It is the second most common eating disorder diagnosed, after other specified feeding or eating disorders. It … Read more

Alcohol Hangover Assessment

Alcohol Hangover Asssessment

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2021, about 44.8% of teenagers aged 12 to 20 who drank alcohol in the past month reported experiencing hangovers.  This percentage was lower than the previous years, possibly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on social activities. According to another study, alcohol … Read more

Anorexia Assessment

According to this study, Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Did you know that anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate among all mental illnesses, with up to 20% of sufferers dying prematurely from complications? Anorexia nervosa is a serious and complex disorder that affects millions of people … Read more

Teen Cell Phone Addict Assessment

Teen Cell Phone Addiction Assessment

Teenagers and their obsession with cell phones is nothing new, sometimes their usage also becomes an addiction. This addiction is evident when an obsession with something disrupts the more important things in life, like personal relationships, schooling, or jobs. People can become addicted to pretty much anything, and teens are especially vulnerable to addictions, whether … Read more

Teen Stress Assessment

Teen Stress Assessment

Teenagers face stress just like adults, although the factors could be different. Teens may be stressed about things at home, like blended family issues, divorced parents, siblings, an alcoholic parent, an abusive home, or pressures from home. Teens also experience stress from school, like pressure from teachers, parents, or friends to do well or peer … Read more