Teen Drug Abuse Assessment

Teenagers these days are vulnerable to drugs and smoking, and this is a terrible thing for parents. Is your teenager spending more time alone, is failing in exams, or is showing the physical signs of drug addiction? Chances are that they are abusing drugs and it could soon start falling out. 

Take this assessment and find out if your teen is abusing drugs. Your data will be anonymous so don’t worry about it being shared with anyone. Let’s start!

What Are The Symptoms Of Teen Drug Abuse?

Parents keep a keen eye on their children but in most cases, even that isn’t enough. Here are the symptoms of teen drug abuse that you need to know.

1. Changes In Behavior 

Chances are that your teen is showing sudden changes in behavior, such as becoming more secretive, withdrawing from family and friends, or having mood swings. If this happens frequently then chances are that they could be afflicted with drug abuse. 

2. Physical Signs 

If your teen has been abusing drugs then there are going to be vivid physical signs such as bloodshot eyes, sudden weight loss or gain, lack of hygiene, and frequent illnesses.

3. Changes In Academic Performance 

A decline in academic performance, frequent absences, or disciplinary issues at school.

4. Changes In Social Activities 

Loss of interest in hobbies or activities they used to enjoy, and spending more time with new friends who may be involved in drug use.

5. Disturbance In Sleeping Patterns 

Insomnia or increased need for sleep is a major symptom of drug abuse.

6. Unexplained Financial Issues

Asking for money without a clear explanation of how it will be spent, or stealing money.

7. Drug Paraphernalia

Finding drug paraphernalia such as pipes, rolling papers, or small plastic bags in their belongings.

8. Lack Of Interest In The Future 

A lack of concern about the future, including education, career goals, or personal hygiene.

What Are The Negative Health Effects Of Drugs?

There are a lot of dangerous drugs out there and if your teen is using any of them then you need to be prepared for anything. Here are all the various drugs that you need to know about and their negative health effects.

  • Ecstasy: It increases the risk of liver and heart failure
  • Cocaine: High risk of seizures, heart attack
  • Inhalants: Damage to the heart, liver, and lungs from long-term use 
  • Marijuana: Risk of memory impairment, problem-solving, concentration problems
  • Opioids: High risk of respiratory distress
  • Methamphetamine: High risk of psychotic and violent behaviors

How Do You Help Your Teen Through This?

Here are some techniques through which you can help your teen with a drug abuse problem. 

1. Educate Yourself 

Learn everything that there is about teen drug abuse, even the causes and how you should deal with them. 

2. Talk With Your Teen 

This is what you have to do, talk with your teen about why they are doing this. Maybe learning about their perspective will help you.

3. Open Communication 

Have honest and open conversations with your teen about drug abuse. Listen to their concerns and try to understand their perspective without judgment.

4. Set Clear Boundaries With Them (Including Consequences)

Establish clear rules and consequences regarding drug use. Be consistent in enforcing these boundaries.

5. Promote Healthy Habits 

Encourage your teen to engage in healthy activities such as sports, hobbies, or volunteering, which can help distract them from drug use.

6. Encourage Treatment 

If your teen is willing, encourage them to seek treatment for their drug abuse. This may include therapy, counseling, or participation in a support group.

7. Seek Professional Help If Necessary 

Consider seeking help from a healthcare professional or counselor who specializes in adolescent drug abuse. They can provide guidance on how to address the issue and connect you with resources for treatment.

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