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Target heart rate is the range of heartbeats per minute that you should aim for during aerobic exercise to ensure you are working out at an intensity that is effective for improving cardiovascular fitness.

It is typically calculated based on your age and resting heart rate. Working out within this range can help you achieve the most benefits from your exercise routine without overexerting yourself. You can use our calculator to find your Target Heart Rate. All you have to do is just write down your age, and choose the fitness goal from the list that we have provided. Once you have done that, the calculator will let you know your target heart rate.

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Input Fields

Title: A title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

Age: Your current age.

Fitness Goal: Choose the fitness goal closest to your actual goal.

Output Fields

Target Heart Rate (THR): Exercise at an intensity that will keep your heart rate within this range to best meet your fitness goal.

Max Heart Rate (MHR): Based on your age, this is your maximum heart rate. Even during high-intensity exercise, you should not let your heart rate go above this number.

Beats Per Minute (BPM): The number of heartbeats per minute (bpm). If your exercise equipment has a pulse sensor it will be expressed as beats per minute.

Beats in 10 Secs: Find your pulse at your neck or wrist. Using a clock or watch with a second hand, count each heartbeat for 10 seconds. (This number times 6 will be your heartbeats per minute (bpm).)

Exercise Intensity Table: Your fitness goal helps determine the intensity of your exercise. In turn, exercise intensity and your age determine your target heart rate range to meet your fitness goal. This table shows the exercise intensity and target heart rate range for each fitness goal.

Target Heart Rate According To Age 

Wondering what should be your target heart rate according to age? Take a look at our table which provides a general guideline.

Age Group Target Heart Rate Range (50-85% of MHR)
20-29 100-170 bpm
30-39 95-162 bpm
40-49 90-153 bpm
50-59 85-145 bpm
60-69 80-136 bpm
70+ 75-128 bpm

Target Heart Rate Formula

Calculating the Target Heart Rate manually is also fairly easy, just follow the instructions that we have mentioned.

1. Calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR) by subtracting your age from 220.

2. Determine your desired intensity level as a percentage (usually between 50% and 85% for most people).

3. Multiply your MHR by the desired intensity level to get your target heart rate range.

For example, for a 30-year-old person aiming for a 70% intensity level:

MHR = 220 – 30 = 190 beats per minute (bpm) Target heart rate range = 190 bpm × 0.70 = 133 bpm

So, the target heart rate range for this person during exercise would be approximately 133 beats per minute.


Question: What Is A Good Target Heart Rate If You Are 40 Years Old?

If you are age is 40 years then you should have a target heart rate of 90-153 bpm.

Question: How Long Should I Be In My Target Heart Rate?

You should have 30-40 minutes of moderate fitness activity within your target heart rate range five times a week.

Question: Is A Resting Heart Rate Of 55 Good?

Normally, an adult’s resting heart rate is between 60-100 bpm.

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  1. I get on treadmill walk at elevation 3 and speed 3.5 for 30 minutes and my heart rate stays around 70-78 I’m 63 and weigh 274, 6ft tall I recently put weight on due to and accident I had and was layed up in bed for 7 months ,broke 6 ribs and collar bone and scapula with collapsed lungs, and the ribs are healed and the scapula the collar bone has had 2 operations with a bone graft and metal plate

  2. Last year I had an upper left lobectomy. My upper left lung portion was removed due to cancer. This year I want to get in shape again. Exercise has always been a part of my life. I am wanting to use the Fat Burn setting on the treadmill however; my doctor is not an exercise advocate. I am on blood pressure medication and find myself scared to go to my heart target: even the minimum. I am 70 years old and in good condition, I think. Have been exercising with a trainer since February 2014.

  3. We just got treadmill for Christmas. For over all good health… But do not want to over due heart rate … At times its 134 … But not for long then down to the 80’s and 70’s… I’m 140 pounds 5′.4″


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