Find Age On Date Calculator

How old will I be on a given date?

Will you be old enough to take Driver’s Ed when the class starts next term? Or will you qualify to begin drawing retirement funds by the date you plan to retire? Enter your birthdate and any other date and this calculator will tell you exactly how old you will be on that date and how long before that date gets here.

Field Help

Input Fields

Title: A title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

Birthdate: Enter a birthdate (or use the calendar icon to pick a birthdate) to be used as a basis for the calculations.

Date: Enter a date (or use the calendar icon to pick a date) to be used in the calculations.

Output Fields

Age on Date: The age you will be on the chosen ‘Date’. When the result is negative, ‘Date’ is before ‘Birthdate’ and the ‘Birthdate’ is this long in the future.

Today’s Date: Today’s date is shown here since the ‘Days Until/Since’ output field is in reference to today’s date.

Days Until/Since Date: The number of days (expressed in years, months, and/or days) from today until or since ‘Date’.

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