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How much should I weigh?

Enter your gender and height to calculate your ideal weight using industry accepted formulas. You can see the ideal weights and corresponding BMIs for the 4 most used formulas (Devine, Hamwi, Miller, and Robinson) by clicking the ‘Show Additional Fields’ icon button.

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Input Fields

Title: A title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

US/Metric: Choose US or Metric units.

Gender: Select your gender.

Height: Your height. Use feet (ft) and inches (in) if units is US or centimeters (cm) if units is Metric.

Output Fields

Ideal Weight: Your calculated ideal weight. Due to limitations of the various formulas for factors such as extremely short, tall, or very obese people this calculator uses the Robinson formula for females and the Devine formula for men. (Click the ‘Show Additional Fields’ icon button to see all 4 ideal weight formulas and corresponding BMIs.)

Devine: Ideal weight and BMI based on the formula developed by Dr. B. J. Devine.

Hamwi: Ideal weight and BMI based on the formula developed by G. J. Hamwi.

Miller: Ideal weight and BMI based on the formula developed by Dr. D. R. Miller.

Robinson: Ideal weight and BMI based on the formula developed by Dr. J. D. Robinson.

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  1. I am 45 inches tall and im fourteen years old but i weigh 45kg is that good or bad and how much should i really weigh

  2. I am a 60yrs. old, white female. I have been an Anorexia all my life, due to being told, “I was too fat”. Now I am as skinny as a rail. Now I am too thin in peoples’ eyes’. When does it all end? I simply am scared to eat. When I do get comfortable eating right, someone in my husband’s family, just has to pull be back down. So now, I do not eat.Death will come for me, I am sure of it now. I Pray these people will “shut UP” when I do pass on to Glory, because it WILL be their Fault. All I ask, You so called ” Know It All” out there, keep your thoughts’ to your self. Too late for me, maybe NOT for someone else. Thank You Kindly, In Christ, Teri Ann Mayo 3:43pm 12/18/2016

  3. I feel like dying sometimes. I am 11 and 4”7. My weight is 71-73. Am I underweight or overweight? I just feel arms are the worst part…

  4. Umm I was wondering if I was fat I’m 11 going though puberty but I gain 50 pounds before puberty I was 81 pounds now I’m 131 is this just puberty or what I don’t look fat but its the weight that makes me think I’m fat so thxz

  5. i m 15 years old female and my height is 5 foot 3 inch and weight is 47kg. Am i underweight? If yes how can i loss weight?


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