How Many Days Until Halloween 2024?

Halloween falls on October 31st every year. Here is a quick countdown to the remaining days until Halloween.

Days Until Halloween Calculator

Calculate how many days until Halloween.

How To Manually Calculate Days Until Halloween

Halloween 2024

1. The Addition Method

To calculate manually, you need the date you are counting from ( the current date) and the date Halloween falls on, which is October 31st.  Let’s say I am calculating from April 16th. So my current date will be 17th April. 

To calculate the days remaining:

  • Count the number of days remaining in April 2024: 14 days (April 17th to April 30th).
  • Count the number of days in each subsequent month until October 31, 2024.
  • Add the remaining days until October 31, 2024.

Let’s calculate:


Month Days
April 2024 14
May 2024 31
June 2024 30
July 2024 31
August 2024 31
September 2024 30
October 2024 (up to October 31) 15
Total Days 182


So, there are 182 days remaining until Halloween 2024.

2. Using Google Sheets 

Step 1: Enter the Current Date

Click on a cell and use the DATE function to enter the current date. For example, you can type =DATE(2024, 6, 11) to represent June 11, 2024.

Step 2: Enter the Target Date

In another cell, enter the target date you want to calculate the days until. For example, if you’re calculating the days until Halloween 2024, you can type 10/31/2024.

Step  3: Calculate the Difference

In a third cell, use the DAYS function to calculate the difference in days between the current date and the target date. The formula should look like =DAYS(B1, A1), where A1 is the cell containing the current date and B1 is the cell containing the target date.

After entering this formula, the third cell will display the number of days remaining until the target date.

Tip: Don’t forget to adjust the cell references in the formulas according to where you’ve entered the dates in your spreadsheet.

While these are fun methods to find how many days until Halloween, our countdown is the most reliable!


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