How Many Days Until June 1st

This countdown displays the remaining days, weeks, and hours until June 1st.

Days Until June 1st Calculator

Calculate how many days until June 1st

Other Methods to Calculate Days Until June 1st

Hello June 1st

1. Excel Method

You can use Excel to calculate the days between today and June 1st. Enter the current date in one cell and June 1st in another, then use the following formula to get the countdown. 

=June 1st - Today() 

2. Calendar Champ

 Grab a physical calendar. Turn the pages to reach the month of June. Mark June 1st. Now go back to the current month and count the remaining days until the marked box (i.e. June 1st).

Here is a Tip: You can also count backward from June 1st up till the current date to know the remaining days. 

4. Using A Physical Calculator 

Got a basic calculator? Enter today’s date as YYYYMMDD (e.g., 20240614 for today) and subtract 20240601 (June 1st, 2024). The answer is the number of days remaining!

By using these methods, you can always stay informed about how many days are left until June 1st but our countdown provides the most direct and reliable way to keep track of the countdown to June 1st.

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