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Finding the perfect shoe size for yourself or your child can be extremely tricky, which is why we have created this easy-to-understand calculator for you. Just mention your foot size and you will be good to go. You can even use this calculator on the go, and do you know what this means? No more being embarrassed at the shoe store!

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This guide is your go-to resource for effortless shoe size conversion, ensuring that every step you take is in comfort and style. Read on to discover how this tool will keep your feet happy!

What Is A Shoe Size Calculator/Converter?

A shoe size calculator/converter is a tool that helps you find the right shoe size for your feet. It uses measurements of foot length and width to match with standard sizes. You can use it for different types of shoes like sports shoes, dress shoes, or flip-flops.

It’s useful because wearing the wrong size can cause blisters and other foot conditions.

This converter works for many countries’ shoe sizes, such as the US, UK, EU, AUS, MEX, and Korea. Each place has its own way of measuring shoe sizes. The calculator follows international standards so you get a size that fits well no matter where you buy your shoes from.

How to Use the Shoe Size Calculator/Converter

Empower yourself with the ease of our Shoe Size Calculator/Converter, a tool designed to effortlessly bridge the gap between different shoe sizing systems. A few simple steps will unlock access to your perfect fitting footwear—just by knowing your current shoe size and making a selection on whether it’s for an adult or child.

1. Selecting Adult Or Child-Size

Choosing the right shoe size is easy with a shoe size calculator. First, decide if you need adult or child sizes. This helps the calculator give you the correct fit for grown-ups or kids.

If your feet are bigger than a kid’s size but not quite an adult’s, don’t worry. The calculator can work that out too.

Make sure to pick carefully between adult and child options on the tool. Get this step right and finding comfortable shoes will be simple! Whether it’s for running, school, or just hanging out, knowing if you’re looking for smaller kid sizes or larger adult ones gets you one step closer to happy feet.

2. Entering The Known Shoe Size

After picking either the adult or child option, it’s time to type in what size shoe you already wear. This step is a must for the shoe size calculator to work right. Put in your current shoe size, whether that’s US, UK, or EU format.

You don’t need a tape measure or ruler; just use the number from the shoes you have now.

The calculator uses this info to help find your best fit in other brands or countries’ sizes. It knows all about foot width and length differences between types of sizes. So if you’re looking at Nike shoes but only know your Converse size, no worries—the converter makes switching easy!

3. Hitting the “CALCULATE” Button

Once you have chosen the right option for adult or child size and entered your current shoe size, it’s time to make the magic happen. Press the “CALCULATE” button with confidence. This will kickstart a smart process that uses ISO specifications to figure out your correct shoe size.

You won’t have to guess if a certain brand fits you right because this tool does the work for you.

The calculator will quickly show what size you need in other regions like the US, UK, or EU – it’s almost as easy as tying your shoes! Now with this new number in hand, feel ready to check out those awesome shoe charts for adults and children that give measurements in both inches and centimeters.

Shoe Size Charts for Adults and Children

Dive into our comprehensive shoe size charts tailored for both adults and children, featuring precise measurements in inches and centimeters to guide you towards your perfect fit—explore further to step confidently into comfort and style.

Adult Shoe Size Chart

US Men’s US Women’s UK EU MX JP (cm) Korea (mm)
5 6.5 4 37 4 23 230
6 7.5 5 38 5 24 240
7 8.5 6 39 6 25 250
8 9.5 7 40 7 26 260
9 10.5 8 41 8 27 270
10 11.5 9 42 9 28 280
11 12.5 10 43 10 29 290
12 13.5 11 44 11 30 300
13 14.5 12 45 12 31 310
14 15.5 13 46 13 32 320

Kids Shoe Size Chart

4 3.5 19 9 10 210
5 4.5 20 10 11 220
6 5.5 22 11 12 230
7 6.5 23 12 13 240
8 7.5 24 13 14 250
9 8.5 25 14 15 260
10 9.5 27 15 16 270
11 10.5 28 16 17 280
12 11.5 30 17 18 290
13 12.5 31 18 19 300
1 13.5 32 19 20 310
2 1.5 33 20 21 320
3 2.5 34 21 22 330

Measurements In Inches And Centimeters For Each Size

Having the right shoe size is key to comfort and foot health. Shoe size charts help make this easy. These charts show sizes for kids and grown-ups in the US, UK, EU, AUS, MEX, and Korea.

Each shoe size on these charts has two measures: how long it is in inches and how big it is in centimeters.

You can measure your foot using a measuring tape at home. Just follow the ISO guidelines with some paper and a pencil! Write down your foot measure from heel to toe. Then use the chart to see what shoe size fits that length best for both adults’ and children’s shoes.

Whether you’re buying dress shoes or sneakers, knowing these numbers means you’re more likely to get a great fit every time.

How To Convert Men’s Shoe Sizes To Women’s

Changing men’s shoe sizes to women’s sizes can be simple. Many people might need to know this for shopping or selling shoes.

  • Start with the size of the man’s shoe you want to convert.
  • Add 1.5 to the men’s size to find the women’s size. For example, a man’s size 8 becomes a woman’s 9.5.
  • Look at a shoe size chart if you’re unsure. Charts show side-by-side comparisons for men and women.
  • Check the width too because men’s shoes are usually wider than women’s. Shoe width can affect fit.
  • Use a measurement guide if you need precise sizes in inches or centimeters.
  • Visit websites like or, Inc. for their size charts which may help.
  • If you buy online, read return policies just in case the shoes don’t fit right.


Question: What Is A Shoe-Size Calculator/Converter?

A shoe size converter is a tool that helps you change your shoe size into different international sizes, like from US to UK sizes.

Question: Can I Use The Shoe Size Converter For All Types Of Shoes?

Yes, you can use it for different kinds of shoes, but remember things like the material and design can affect how a shoe fits.

Question: Why Might Someone Need A Shoe Size Comparison Chart?

Someone might need it if they’re shopping on websites like or want to buy brands like Adidas because sizes can be listed differently.

Question: Is There Anything Special About Sizing Orthopedic Shoes?

Orthopedic shoes often need a more accurate fit so using a good shoe size calculator is important when choosing them.

Question: Are Sewing And Academic Research Related To The Shoe Size Converter Topic?

Sewing isn’t directly related unless you make shoes; however, academic research may involve studying things like body mass index (BMI) which could impact foot sizing.


Many adults and children face the dilemma of not knowing their shoe size, the situation is fully understandable though. With the information that we have provided and the size charts, understanding these concepts will become much easier now. One of the best things about this calculator is that you can use it wherever you want.

Even if you need to switch from men’s to women’s sizes, our additional information section will help you out. Remember, having shoes that fit well is important for happy feet!

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