Seasonal Allergies Assessment

Do I have seasonal allergies? Spring allergies are the most common as trees, flowers, and weeds grow and pollenating bees are busy. Fall is the second common allergy season, with different plants blooming and molds are more active. People who are allergic to the spring and fall pollens also tend to be sensitive to indoor … Read more

Separation Anxiety Disorder Assessment

Does my child have symptoms of separation anxiety disorder? Do you feel like your child never wants to be away from you and seems stressed when you are separated? Maybe your child suffers from Separation Anxiety Disorder. Separation anxieties are normal for infants or toddlers. Separation Anxiety Disorder generally occurs in older children, still younger … Read more

Serious Illness Assessment

Does my child have symptoms of a serious illness? How do you know if your child’s illness is minor or serious? Children may be too young to tell you they are sick. Sometimes children don’t recognize symptoms or they will ignore them. Children should have regular checkups and parents should always follow-up on their instincts … Read more

Gifted Child (2 to 4 Years Old) Assessment

Is my young child gifted? Most gifted children show signs before they begin school. Some children merely appear to be gifted. This may happen when parents are aware of the gifted characteristics, then teach and nurture their child in these areas. A truly gifted child shows interest and progress with very little parental encouragement or … Read more

Autism Assessment

Does my child have symptoms of autism? Autism is a developmental disorder causing delays or disabilities when it comes to social skills such as ordinary conversation, eye contact, and emotional understanding. These issues usually lead to impaired social interaction and problems with verbal and nonverbal communication. People with autism often have unusual, repetitive, or severely … Read more