Gifted Child (2 to 4 Years Old) Assessment

Most gifted children show signs of their exceptional abilities before they start school. Some children may seem gifted because their parents nurture these traits. Truly gifted kids naturally excel with little parental guidance.

It’s important to note that gifted children can also have learning disabilities, which may go unnoticed. Identifying gifted children early allows for proper guidance and support. Ask your child’s preschool teacher to observe any unusual talents.

Take this quick assessment to learn more about the characteristics (suggested by Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D.) to watch for to help you determine if your child may be gifted.

Understanding Asynchronous Development

In addition to recognizing signs of giftedness in children, it’s important to understand the concept of asynchronous development. Gifted children often experience asynchronous development, meaning their abilities may develop at different rates across various domains.

For example, a child may display advanced intellectual abilities but struggle with social skills or emotional regulation. This uneven pattern of growth can be challenging for both the child and their caregivers to navigate. By acknowledging and understanding asynchronous development, parents and educators can better support gifted children by providing appropriate interventions and opportunities tailored to their unique needs.

The Importance of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for Gifted Children

IEPs are essential for meeting the unique needs of gifted children. These personalized plans allow educators to set challenging yet achievable learning goals tailored to the child’s strengths and interests. Additionally, IEPs provide accommodations such as flexible pacing, access to advanced coursework, and adjustments to the learning environment to ensure gifted students are appropriately challenged and engaged.

By implementing IEPs, educators can create a supportive environment that maximizes the potential of gifted children, fostering academic excellence and personal growth.

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  1. My grandson was 4 in May, he is in a nursery class but has reading books for age 7 to 8 that a teaching assistant listens to him read. His compression is of what he reads is brilliant. As for sport he could tell you all the names of the players in the world cup, the teams they play for and the flag of their country. As for F1 he can tell you all the drivers name’s speed and times etc.
    He , is such a bright little boy and although I have four clever grandchildren none match up to this one.
    what can I suggested for his parents too help his development?
    Eunice Young

  2. Hello,
    My son is four years and almost 2 months old. He knows all of the states and their location, can read and write, can count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s too 100, can do three digit addition and subtraction, and is fascinated with Polyhedrons along with several other things. He is also playing piano. What should I do with him when it’s time for him to go to kindergarten next fall? He will be the youngest already since his birthday is on the cut off date of Aug 31. I am worried for him. Thanks

  3. Hi,
    My child is 2.5 years old and reads very well. He loves counting and numbers. He is able to count to 1000 and can write all the numbers. Today he wrote Mama and papa for the first time. He is doing simple addition and understands the concept of “-” Is he gifted? If yes…. How do I make sure that I meet his intellectual needs? Is he going to be comfortable in the normal school?

  4. My son got a 15 out of 17 on this questionnaire. I have always thought he was above pace, but he just picks things up or somehow figures them out (like subtraction and addition) He just turned 4 and has been sounding out words for over 6 months and knows a lot of words already. He is very quick to learn, and always wants to be learning, reading, doing math problems, or puzzles (puzzles are probably his favorite and he does hard ones like 100 pieces). I have tried focusing less on education and more of being active since I want him to be well rounded, yet he keeps pushing for education so I finally got him the beginning reader books and he is reading them fine when he wants to. Is there anything I should put him into? I want to give him all the opportunities in the world!

  5. My child is 3.5 and she’s been reading for about 6 months and sounds out new words with ease. She can write and spells well. She uses a high school level of vocabulary in correct context and her grammar is nearly perfect when speaking and even corrects me sometimes. She can read and recognize 4-digit numbers and can count at least that high. She adds any two digit numbers in her head and can subtract a one digit number from a two digit number (maybe more, but she hasn’t shown me that yet), she multiplies, counts by 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 20 and does some simple division. She puts together 100 piece puzzles in 5 minutes or less. She loves to draw and write and has a very in depth idea of what she wants to draw and draws it all. She loves astronomy and geography. She’s just starting to learn some history. Her “native” language is English, but she also speaks Spanish nearly as well and German is not far behind. She is a wonderful child and keeping up with her has been the most exciting challenge I’ve ever had!

  6. My child just turned 4 a week ago. Before she turned 2she started drawing n can draw beautiful princesses with so much details now. She’s not too academic but she could sing happy birthday in 4 languages before she turned 2 and one was learned after listening to the song in Korean language twice. Her memory is extraordinary. She can remember her diet of mashed food almost 3 years ago. And she remembers her gifts were bought by whom… Right from when she was 1 plus 2. She learned to use the scissors at 2 plus and she could cut any shapes n lines n could stay on that cutting activity for 90mins straight. She didn’t seem to need teaching but could just get it. Colours n shapes were so automatically learned. Her vocabulary n humour also leaves us dumbfounded many a times. For this scoring board I couldn’t gauge on d computer bits coz I didn’t quite introduce it to her. We do use d iPad tho. She has however so much intensities it drives me crazy. I’m looking for advice…

  7. My son will be completing four years on July 25th. He is a multilinguistic kid and he knows to speak in full sentence in four languages. He has very good vocabulary too.

  8. My 2 year old daughter can speak over 500 words, ask and do complete sentences, know all her shapes and numbers, alphabet she recalls things from her 1st and 2nd year of her lofe and tells me stories of random things and it makes sense. She knows how to wash and clean n she likes it clean and tells others to use their manners when they dont. Very proud mother

  9. My son is 4 years old and been diagnosed High Functioning Autistic. He struggles socially but not in a classroom environment. He has eating issues and has a bit of OCD about the way things should occur. He likes to do things in steps. Academically he has been reading since he was around 2 but he doesn’t want people to know. He has a photographic memory. He has known shapes, numbers up to a Trillion, letters, colors etc since he was 2. Not sure if he should be exposed to higher academics instead of just the basic preschool. He is in special needs preschool 1/2 a day and a mainstream preschool 1/2 day. I just don’t want to do his mind an injustice by not exposing him to higher academics.

  10. I am extremely worried about a comment made on this site by Abdul Akhmed 6/24/2016 at 1.22pm. Why have you allowed this comment and has this been reported to authorities? please advise me as I feel I should report it myself. I await your swift response.

  11. I’m extremely worried about a comment made on this site by amanda eagle 9/5/2016 2:31:27 PM

    Amanda, grab your ears and PULL HARD. You may just be able to remove your head from your ass.

  12. Hi, My child is 3.5 years old and he didn’t utter a word until this Feb, when took to the doctor one said ADHD, one said ASD and got terrified with these, but these 8 months he has shown a great change; he now knows all the alphabets in English, telugu, he knows how to write, he can tell me numbers until 1000 when I flash the cards randomly and he can also tell the numbers in reverse order from 100 to 1, he can spell around 200 words. He knows simple additions and he reads books and his teacher was amazed with his reading skills, but I think he doesn’t understand all the vocabulary that he reads. I am not sure if he is a gifted child or this is just a normal thing for any kid at this age. The only thing that I am concerned is since he has got good grasping skills, learning on his own. how I need to improve this further to just retain this talent with him forever.

  13. My daughter can identify the color when she was 2 years old. She was 3 I discovered that she memorized all the letter and numbers, even the sign of letters. Now she is four she can memorize the nursery song. That’s why I paid tutorial to teach her more.

  14. My son is 2 years 8 months. He recognition 100 countries flags and know near about animals., fruit, vegetables,insect names and
    more things


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