Toilet Training Readiness Assessment

Is my child ready to be toilet trained?

Is your child ready to be toilet trained or is it just that you want them to be trained? In general, the younger you start toilet training, the longer it usually takes. Girls tend to be ready younger and are generally easier to toilet train than boys. Remember, children and parents are individuals. As a parent, consider your own feelings and stress level about toilet training, your child’s ability, and your expectations of your child. Kids just seem to know or sense your stress and pressure. The more you want them trained, the less likely they are to cooperate. A child will not toilet train until he/she decides, no matter how many readiness signs there are. However, the more readiness signs your child shows, the quicker and more stress-free the process will probably be. Take this quick assessment to learn more about the signs of toilet training readiness and help you determine if your child may be ready.

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