Spoiled Child Assessment

Is my child spoiled?

All children act spoiled in some ways or at some times. If not, how will they know what they can get, or get away with, if they don’t throw a tantrum once in a while? A few spoiled behaviors, even if seen often, does not necessarily mean a child is actually spoiled. Some behaviors will be part of a child’s personality no matter how the parents respond to it. A spoiled child is not really happy and giving in, though it may stop the whining and tantrum for now, only teaches a child that bad behavior gets him what he wants. The more of these behaviors you see consistently from your child, the greater chance your child really is spoiled and better parenting skills (setting limits, creating routines, and being consistent) are required to fix it. Do other people think your kids are spoiled? Are your kids really spoiled? Are your nieces, nephews, or best friend’s kids spoiled? This quick assessment can help you see common behaviors of a spoiled child and help you determine if your child or a child you know really is spoiled.

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