Domestic Abuse Victim Assessment

Is my family member, friend, or co-worker a victim of domestic abuse? Domestic abuse has several forms, including, physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and financial abuse. This assessment is designed for use when you suspect a family member, friend, or co-worker may be the victim of domestic abuse. It … Read more

Daughter’s Abusive Relationship Assessment

Is my daughter in an abusive relationship? Teenage abusive relationships are on the rise. Many teenager girls are finding themselves in relationships that are controlling, manipulative, or even physicially abusive. And some research shows that as many as 98% of these teenage girls continue to date their abuser. If you are concerned about your daughter’s … Read more

Emotionally or Verbally Abused Assessment

Am I being emotionally or verbally abused? Most people recognize the signs of physical or sexual abuse, but many of the signs of emotional or verbal abuse are much less obvious. Victims are often so ‘worn down’ they do not recognize the abuse. This assessment is designed to teach the signs of emotional or verbal … Read more

Abusive Relationship Assessment

Am I in an abusive relationship? A common pattern of abusive relationships is that many violent, abusive outbursts are followed by apologies and seemingly heartfelt promises to change. The abuser may be very pleasant most of the time, making it a difficult decision to ‘break the cycle’ and end the relationship. You must first recognize … Read more

CyberStalking Assessment

I’m uncomfortable about the internet communications from someone, am I being cyberstalked? Cyberstalkers use internet, email, instant messaging, or text messaging to stalk another person. Cyberstalking is serious even if there is no physical stalking. Laws regarding cyberstalking are usually weak, so you must take precautions to protect yourself. The best way to protect against … Read more

Stalking Assessment

I’m nervous about the way this person acts, am I being stalked? Stalking is a form of harassment where a victim fears for their safety because someone haunts them physically or emotionally. Stalking is repetitive and devious in nature and the victim usually feels threatened. Stalking can take place in person, by phone, or online … Read more