How Many Calories Does Bowling Burn?

Calories Burned Bowling Calculator & Formula

What is the total number of calories that you can burn bowling for an hour?

If you like to play bowling and you want to know how many calories you burn with this activity, then you can use the calories burned calculator to find the answer to that question.

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About Calories Burned Bowling Calculator

Bowling is an incredibly fun sport that is played both professionally and as a social activity. People love to play this game as it is rather easy to learn.

Although it can take some time for you to master the ins and outs of bowling, the time it takes for you to learn the game is relatively less than other sports out there.

And the best part is, bowling offers your body considerable exercise and can aid in weight loss.

If the word “workout” sounds like a nightmare to you, then you might want to try your hands on bowling to get yourself to exercise a little.

Bowling is one of the most effective ways through which you can motivate yourself to move around and go out of your comfort zone.

In the meantime, you can use the calories burned bowling calculator to find the total number of calories you have burned while bowling.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can use this calculator to find the calories burned while bowling per minute:

  1. Input your weight in the calculator. You can enter the weight in kgs or lbs in the calculator.
  2. Choose the type of bowling activity.
  3. Input the time you spent bowling.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to get the results for the calories burned while bowling.

Formula for calculating calories burned bowling

The formula for finding the calories burned per minute is what our calculator uses to perform its calculations.

Here is the formula for calculating calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (Weight(kg) x MET x 3.5) / 200

This equation gives you the result in terms of calories burned per minute.

You can multiply the answer that you get from this equation with the time you spent bowling to get the total number of calories burned as per the time you spent playing the sport.

Note: The MET in this formula is the measurement of the energy cost spent on physical activity for a specific period of time. The MET values are predefined for all sorts of physical activities.

The MET values for bowling are given below:

  • Bowling – 3
  • Bowling Indoor, Bowling Alley – 3.9

Does bowling help burn calories?

Although you can’t compare bowling with an intense workout session, it still affects the total number of calories burned.

Bowling requires you to walk around carrying a heavy ball and throw it down towards the battered wooden pins. This requires a lot of force and energy.

So, if you bowl for a while, you might start feeling tired. You might even start getting sweaty as well.

Bowling is a great way to get a light workout, without pushing yourself a lot.

Even though the number of calories burned bowling would be little, it will offer you a great start on your weight loss journey.

How many calories does an average person burn bowling?

Research suggests that you can burn as much as about 80 to 100 calories while bowling for 20 minutes.

If you bowl for an hour, you can burn between 150-300 calories.

The number of calories that you burn can vary based on factors such as the weight of the individual as well as the time they spend bowling.


Other health benefits of bowling

  • Tones the muscles

Bowling is great for the muscle toning of your lower body. This is because when you walk around carrying a heavy ball, your lower body muscles get a lot of exercises.

And when you throw the ball, the tendons, ligaments, and joints of your arm get a lot of exercises as well. In this way, bowling helps with muscle toning and strengthening.

  • Minimizes the risk of heart diseases

If you spend most of your time being in a sedentary mode of living, it makes you susceptible to various health issues.

Bowling offers your body an opportunity for getting a light workout. This helps your body become active and deal with diseases in a more effective way.

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination

You need a blend of force and accuracy to play bowling. You need these skills if you want to get good at this sport.

When you bowl for a while, it improves your hand-eye coordination.

With improved motor skills, you get to go about various everyday activities with greater confidence.

  • Reduces Stress

Bowling is a fun activity that can help you unwind from the stresses of your life.

It is a fun activity that you can do with your friends and family to have a great time.

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