Calories Burned Running Calculator

Running Calories Calculator

Calculate how many calories do you burn running one mile, two miles, three miles or more? Our jogging or running calorie calculator can tell you how many calories you burned after a jog or run outside or on on the treadmill. Benefits of running Running is a great form of exercise and physical activity. It … Read more

Jumping Rope Calories Burned Calculator

Jumping Rope / Skipping Calculator

Want to know how many calories you burn jumping rope? Use the calculator above to find out! Calculate your daily calorie needs and target heart rate zones with our free online fitness tools. Benefits of jumping / skipping rope  Most people would consider jump rope a kid’s activity and not something that they could ever … Read more

Exercise Calories

You can lose weight by cutting calories consumed or by increasing exercise calories burned. For best results, do both. Use this Exercise Calories calculator to put together a super calorie burning workout plan. Choose an activity or combine several activities and know how many exercise calories you’ll burn. Make sure you’re getting the most out … Read more