How Many Calories Can You Burn from Auto Racing?

Auto racing is a wildly popular motorsport that has been around since the 19th century, the time around when automobiles were first invented. Auto racing involves a lot of physical movement so it can help you burn calories too.

Keep reading till the end to find how many calories you can burn from doing auto racing.

Calories Burned Doing Auto Racing

Auto racing can be quite intense, both physical and mental. You can burn about 564 calories from doing auto racing for one hour.

The number of calories that you burn from doing auto racing depends on your weight and the amount of time that you spend on doing auto racing.

Weight in Pound

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Calories Burned Doing Auto Racing Calculator

Auto racing is an exhilarating activity that can leave you feeling exhausted. This is the reason why this activity is known to help burn calories.

But how many calories can you burn from doing auto racing?

You can use the calorie burned from doing an auto racing calculator to find the answer to this question.

If you love to do auto racing but you care about your health as well, then our calorie burned calculator would be quite helpful to you.

You can use this calculator to keep track of the number of calories that you burn from being engaged in an intense auto racing session.

How to Use this Calculator?

Here is how you can find the number of calories burned from auto racing:

  1. Select your preferred input option for weight.
  2. Enter your weight in the calculator.
  3. Select the type of auto racing activity.
  4. Enter the amount of time that you have spent doing auto racing.
  5. Click on the Calculate button to find the number of calories burned.

How the Calculator Works

The calorie burned from the auto racing calculator is inspired by the formula for finding calories burned. This formula involves the use of METs, short for Metabolic Equivalent Tasks.

The MET of activity represents the amount of energy required to do that activity. You can calculate the MET value by multiplying 3.5mL oxygen per kg of body weight by the total number of minutes that you spend doing an activity.

Our calculator uses the preset MET value for auto racing to find the number of calories burned because of it.


The formula for finding calories burned per minute is as follows:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x 3.5 x Bodyweight(kg)) / 200


The MET value for doing auto racing is 7.4. The MET is the energy cost of physical activity such as auto racing, in this case, that is required to do the said activity.

If an activity requires a considerable amount of physical effort, it is going to have a higher MET value as compared with an activity that doesn’t need immense physical effort.

When talking about the MET value of an activity, you also need to talk about Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) and the Rest Metabolic Rate (RMR), because of the relation between these different entities.

The AMR is a term that helps determine the number of calories burned by your body in the active state, throughout the day.

The RMR helps determine the number of calories that your body burns while at rest.

If an activity has a MET value of 1, it is going to burn as many calories as your RMR. But if an activity has a MET value of 4, it is going to burn four times the number of calories as your RMR.


  • What is the number of calories that a person burns from doing auto racing, who weighs 160 lbs (72.5 kgs) and spends 60 minutes playing this sport? The MET value for auto racing Yoga is 7.4.
  • Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x 3.5 x Bodyweight(kg)) / 200
  • Calories Burned Per Minute = (7.4 x 3.5 x 72.5) / 200
  • Calories Burned Per Minute = 9.4 calories
  • Calories Burned in 60 Minutes  = 9.4 calories x 60
  • Calories Burned in 60 Minutes =  564 calories

What is Auto Racing?

Auto racing is an extremely popular sport where players compete against each other using their automobiles to see who reaches the finish line in the least amount of time.

These races are done using special types of vehicles to gain much faster speeds while ensuring maximum safety.

This particular sport requires intense focus, accuracy, and mind-body coordination. Auto racing gives you an opportunity to develop superior driving skills and it also prepares you to troubleshoot any issues with your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Popular Types of Auto Racing

There are a variety of auto racing events each having something unique to offer. Some of the most popular racing events are:

Formula Racing is where players use an open-wheeled one-seat vehicle to race each other. Many players enter the track at once and the one who reaches the finish line first wins.

Autocross where players enter one by one in some area and their finishing time is noticed to see who won the race.

Hill climbing is the type of race in which players race on an uphill surface.

Drifting where the drivers move speedily through corners in a way that the back wheels of their car slide out a little.

Some other types of car races are Rally, Endurance, Kart, and Autocross.

Benefits of Auto Racing

Enhances Driving Skills

Auto racing allows you to improve your racing skills and that makes your driving better even in tough road conditions. You get better at things like parking, keeping a safe distance, using brakes and gear efficiently, etc.

All these things make your driving safer by preventing any major accidents from ever occurring.

Professional Career Opportunities

Auto racing paves way for many job opportunities for you. You can become a professional auto racer who earns exciting rewards by winning competitions across the world. You can be an expert driving expert or a racing car event organizer.

All these jobs will allow you to use your existing driving skills to the best of your ability and develop safer driving habits. You can get a better understanding of how different cars work and how to identify if something is wrong with a vehicle instantly.

All these things lead to many career opportunities for you and that is why we suggest you try auto-racing.

Boosts Confidence

Auto racing gets your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing faster. You feel more confident and in control, as you sit behind the wheels driving a car moving at a particularly fast pace.

This gives you confidence that you can do anything you set your mind to, and those limitations only exist in your mind. Playing this sport increases your productivity by giving you more confidence and developing more self-esteem.

Promotes Sense of Community

Auto racing events are not simply people showing up and competing. These events need special management, and they are made possible by the combined efforts of a great number of individuals and sponsors.

Trainers, racing teams, technical staff, and auto-repair crews work together to make sure these events take place in the safest environment possible. This promotes a sense of community and understanding.

Moreover, large corporations encourage their employees to attend these events which produce a sense of togetherness and improve team building.

MET Values Table

Type of Activity MET
Auto Racing 7.4

Factors Affecting Calories Burned from Auto Racing

As clear from the formula, there are various factors that affect the number of calories burned from doing auto racing. These factors include your weight and the intensity of the activity.

Along with that, the amount of time that you spend doing auto racing also affects the number of calories burned.

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1. Do you burn calories while driving a car?

Since you are constantly active sitting behind the wheels, naturally, you burn some calories. You are constantly moving your arms to adjust the direction and your feet to apply breaks, gas, clutch, etc.

All these activities can help you burn 150 to 250 calories in an hour of driving your car.

2. What is the most popular form of auto racing?

Stock car racing is the most popular form of auto racing across America followed by Formula One racing.

The races usually take place on oval tracks. The cars resemble production cars, but their specifications are much more sophisticated and durable.

Wrapping Up

Auto racing is always an intense yet enjoyable experience. Competitive auto racing feels even more exhilarating. Besides, auto racing can help you keep yourself physically healthy and active.

You can use the calorie burned from an auto racing calculator to find the number of calories burned from playing motorsports.

Visit our website to find more of our calorie burned calculators for other physical activities.


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