Mobile Addiction – Cell Phone Addict

Am I addicted to my cell phone? Addiction is evident when an obsession with something disrupts the more important things in life, like personal relationships, schooling, or jobs. People can become addicted to pretty much anything. While teens are far more likely to become addicted to their cell phone, they will become adults and that … Read more

Compulsive Gambler Assessment

Am I a compulsive gambler? Gambling is addictive if it interferes with a person’s day-to-day life. Many behaviors, like gambling, can become as addictive as a substance. Between 2%-4% of Americans are compulsive gamblers and teens are about 3 times more likely to become gambling addicts than adults. There are 2 categories of gambling addiction … Read more

Drug Addiction Assessment

When is drug abuse actually a drug addiction? Drug abuse may turn into drug addiction. How can you recognize if that has happened? Keep in mind that ‘drugs’ includes illegal drugs, as well as inhalants, solvents, steroids, among others. Take this quick assessment to learn more about the signs that drug abuse has progressed into … Read more