Compulsive Shopper Assessment

Am I a compulsive shopper?

Is your closet full of clothes you’ve never worn? Is your makeup drawer or jewelry box overflowing? Do you find it impossible to buy just one or two CDs at a time? Does the phrase ‘Shop til you drop’ describe you to a tee? You may be one of about 17 million Americans (about 1 in every 20 people) who are compulsive shoppers, and 9 out of 10 of those are women. Shopping addicts are preoccupied with shopping. The constant thinking about shopping builds tension that shopping itself temporarily relieves. Women who are shopping addicts are called ‘Shopaholics’, while men who shop compulsively are often called ‘Collectors’. ‘Shopaholic’ women tend to buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and CDs. Men like to ‘collect’ clothes, shoes, electronics, hardware, and CDs. The problem shopping begins for many reasons, including lonliness, self-esteem, a rush, battling depression, or to escape problems. Our economy and culture encourages shopping, claiming you are helping the country by spending money. However, the consequences of compulsive shopping are serious and include unmanageable debt, marital problems or divorce, or job loss. Take this quick assessment to learn the signs of compulsive shopping and help you determine if you may have a problem that could lead to a shopping addiction.

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