Financial Trouble Quiz

Are my financial habits going to lead to financial trouble?

Are your financial habits leading you down a path of financial trouble? Take this quick test to help you determine if you are already in financial trouble or possibly headed for financial problems or financial issues.

Financial Trouble is Slavery

It is so easy to get in financial trouble. Credit card debt is a major source of financial trouble for many people. Financial problems are a form of slavery. If you have to earn extra money to pay the minimum each month, your financial issues have put you in bondage so you can have a newer phone or a bigger TV. (If you haven’t seen how much it really costs to only make minimum credit card payments run this Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator – most people are shocked!) Financial problems begin with financial habits. Here are some habits you can work on to avoid financial problems and financial issues: Don’t buy things until you have the money set aside to pay for them. If you’re not paying your full credit card balance each month, put yourself on a cash only basis for most of your purchases for at least 6 months. Schedule payment due dates in your calendar with alerts or reminders just like appointments so you don’t miss another due date. Develop a habit of saving, even if it’s only $10 per pay check to begin with.Instant Gratification is the American culture. What’s to stop you from buying an item right now when you can use a credit card? Credit cards are convenient and are becoming almost necessary, but if you don’t pay off the full balance each month, you’re putting yourself into slavery to that credit card company and giving up your freedom. Avoiding financial trouble is very important these days since credit rating is so widely used. Your credit rating will improve as you develop habits that avoid financial problems. And financial issues will not longer cause you stress and slavery.

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