Gifted Child Assessment

Is my child gifted?

Parents, friends, teachers, or doctors are usually the first to notice a child’s rapid development, intelligence, skills, or abilities. Gifted or very able children need to be identified so that their intellectual, social, and emotional needs can be met and not stifled. It is easy to destroy a gifted child’s self-esteem if parents, teachers, or peers constantly put them down, see them as a threat, or criticize them for always knowing the answers or asking questions. Gifted children can be overlooked for a number of reasons: they may not perform well in school, they may appear lazy or inattentive, they may daydream, they may be disruptive in shool, they may be uncooperative, hard to motivate, or critical of teachers and classmates. It is only a tiny minority of gifted children who become exceptionally young musicians, chess champions, or outstanding athletes. Most gifted children are good problem solvers, have a wide range of interests, good general knowledge, a great ability to concentrate (when challenged), and an amazing sense of purpose and strength of will. Take this quick assessment to learn more about the characteristics to watch for to help you determine if your child may be gifted.

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