Increased Life Expectancy Calculator

How much time have I added to my life expectancy based on my exercise habits?

According to Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger you increase your life expectancy by 2 hours for each hour of vigorous exercise. (Recent results of a study of over 17,000 Harvard alumni started in 1962.) Enter your exercise habits to calculate how many hours you have exercised or will exercise over time and the resulting increase in your life expectancy.

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Input Fields

Title: A title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

Gender: Select your gender.

Days per Week: How many days you typically exercise in a week. (You can consider this to be sessions of exercise and enter a value greater than 7 if you have days you exercise more than one session.)

Workout Length: The average length of each workout session.

Duration: How many years and months you have followed (or plan to follow) this workout schedule.

Output Fields

Exercise: Given your exercise habits, this is the number of hours you have exercised (or will exercise) throughout your life.

Increased Life Expectancy: The number of hours, days, months, and years that have been added to your life as a result of your exercise habits.

Estimated Life Expectancy: Current male or female estimated life expectancy at birth as reported on

Your Life Expectancy: Your adjusted life expectancy from exercise alone.

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  1. Doesn’t it seem pretty far out to think that you can assume you’re adding two hours of life for every hour of exercise? I cannot believe this until I see the research.


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