Add Days Calculator

The Add Days Calculator helps you determine a date that comes after or before a given date by adding or subtracting a certain number of days.  You can add days using the following calculator. Simply input the number of days you want to add along with the date from which you want to calculate. 

Add Days Calculator

Add or subtract days from a date.

Add Days Calculators

Manual Ways To Add Days To A Date 

You can use our day’s calculator to add days to your desired date. However, there are manual ways to add days too. You can do:

1. Manual Calculation 

  • This method involves mentally counting the days or using paper to keep track of the addition.
  • For example, if you want to add 5 days to April 10th, you start with April 10th and then count forward 5 days. So, you would go from April 10th to April 11th, then April 12th, April 13th, April 14th, and finally April 15th.
  • This method is straightforward but may be prone to errors if you lose track of the count.

2. The Calendar Method 

To find a new date by adding days to a starting date, you can use either a physical or digital calendar. Here’s how to do it:

Using a Physical Calendar

  1.  Find the current date on your calendar. Let’s say it is April 10th.
  2. Begin on April 10th and count forward 5 days.
  3. As you count, flip through the pages if needed until you reach the new date. For example, counting 5 days from April 10th brings you to April 15th.

Using a Digital Calendar

  1. Launch your digital calendar application.
  2.  Go to your desired current date. Let’s say it is April 10th.
  3. Use the app’s feature to add days to the date. This usually involves clicking on April 10th and selecting an option like “Add Days” or “Move Forward”.
  4. Digital calendars often display the days visually, making it easier to see the sequence of dates.
  5. The app will show you the new date after adding the specified number of days. For example, adding 5 days to April 10th results in April 15th.

3. Using Formula 

You can also use this simple formula:

New Date=Initial Date+Number of Days to Add


Let’s say today’s date is April 10th, 2024, and we want to find out the date 5 days from now.

  1. Initial Date:
    • The initial date is April 10th, 2024.
  2. Number of Days to Add:
    • We want to add 5 days to the initial date.
  3. Calculation:
    • We use the formula “New Date = Initial Date + Number of Days to Add.”
    • So, we add 5 days to April 10th, 2024.
  4. Result:
    • The new date is obtained by adding 5 days to April 10th, 2024.
    • We count forward 5 days from April 10th:
      • April 11th (1 day)
      • April 12th (2 days)
      • April 13th (3 days)
      • April 14th (4 days)
      • April 15th (5 days)

Therefore, the new date, which is 5 days from April 10th, 2024, is April 15th, 2024.

While these methods do sound fun and challenging, the simplest way to add days is still by using our calculator. 

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