Six Minute Walk Test Calculator

Six Minute Walk Test

Finding out if your heart and lungs are healthy can sometimes seem confusing. The Six Minute Walk Test (SMWT) is a simple test used by doctors. Our guide breaks down this easy calculator that predicts your cardiovascular and pulmonary health in just six minutes. Understanding The Six-Minute Walk Test The Six Minute Walk Test is a simple … Read more

EER Calculator: Find Estimated Energy Requirement

Estimated Energy Requirement

Struggling to balance your diet and energy levels can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the correct knowledge. Our EER Calculator is a tool designed to reveal your daily energy needs without the technicalities. We will guide you through understanding and calculating your Estimated Energy Requirements with ease, ensuring that managing your dietary goals is … Read more

Fasting Calculator – Intermittent Fasting Calculator

Intermittent fasting (IF) has emerged as a powerful strategy for weight management and overall well-being, capturing the attention of health enthusiasts worldwide. Research from the National Institute on Aging highlights wide-ranging health benefits of intermittent fasting, including improvements in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, and neurological disorders. Another 2023 study published by the National Library … Read more