How Many Calories Does Carpentry Burn?

Calories Burned Carpentry Calculator & Formula

Whether you are a professional carpenter or you have taken up woodworking as a hobby, this line of work has a wide range of benefits.

Along with being a highly paid skill, carpentry offers various health benefits as well.

If you are working as a carpenter and you want to know the total number of calories you can burn in an hour from carpentry, then you are at the right place!

You can use the calories burned from the carpentry calculator to find the exact number of calories you burn from light to vigorous effort carpentry tasks, for a given period of time.

Weight in Pound

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About Calories Burned From Carpentry Calculator

Carpentry is a skill that requires many years of practice and professional experience to master.

And with the health benefits in terms of burning calories that this profession has to offer, it is a highly recommended line of work for people who are interested in this skill.

You can use our calories burned from the carpentry calculator to find the total number of calories you can burn from carpentry.

You can enter your weight in the calculator, along with the time you spent working on the carpentry project.

The calculator processes the input and gives you a complete overview of the calories burned as per the intensity of the task.

This calculator for calculating calories burned is quite simple to use.

You don’t need any kind of prior knowledge for using this tool as the UI design of the calculator is simple and self-explanatory.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can use the calories burned calculator to find the calories you have burned from carpentry:

  1. Input your weight in the calories burned calculator. You can enter the weight either in kgs or pounds.
  2. Choose the type of carpentry activity.
  3. Input the time you have spent working on the carpentry project.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to get the results for the total number of calories burned from carpentry.

Formula for calculating calories burned from carpentry

The calories burned from the carpentry calculator works on the standard formula for finding the calories burned per minute.

By using the formula, you can calculate the calories burned for any specific period of time from carpentry manually.

Here is the formula for finding the number of calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (3.5 x Weight(kg) x MET) / 200

In this equation, the term MET is the measurement of the energy cost of physical activity, in a period of time.

Here are the MET values for different carpentry activities:

  • Carpentry for general tasks with light effort – 2.5
  • Carpentry for home remodeling tasks with light effort – 2.3
  • General carpentry workshop (Taylor code 620) – 3
  • Carpentry for general tasks with heavy or vigorous effort – 7
  • Finishing or refinishing cabinets or furniture projects – 3.3
  • Sawing hardwood – 6
  • Carpentry for general tasks with moderate effort – 4.3
  • Outside house carpentry projects such as building a fence – 6
  • Carpentry for Home remodeling tasks with moderate effort – 4

Does carpentry help burn calories?

Carpentry is a skill that requires a lot of physical movement and accuracy.

You need to use a lot of your mental and physical faculties when working on a carpentry project.

So, if you are wondering whether carpentry helps burn calories or not, the answer to that question is a yes.

You can burn a lot of calories from carpentry, depending on the nature of the task.

How many calories can an average person burn per hour from carpentry?

As per research, carpentry can help an individual burn as many as 150 to 250 calories per hour with home remodeling tasks that require light effort.

Carpenters working on heavy-duty carpentry tasks can burn as many as 450 to 600 calories per hour.


Additional benefits of working as a carpenter

  • Multiple job options to choose from

Carpentry is a skill needed on commercial as well as residential levels. It is one of the most in-demand skills out there with a lot of specializations to choose from.

You can go with indoor or outdoor carpentry specialization for either home spaces or commercial areas, as per your personal preference.

  • Be your boss

You can work in a company that offers carpentry services or you can start your own company.

If you are good at carpentry, you get to be your own boss if you choose to offer your services as an individual carpentry contractor.

  • High wages

Commercial carpenters are always looking for skilled carpenters to hire for their projects.

Since they have a reputation to make or maintain, they don’t shy away from paying high wages to truly deserving individuals.

  • Carpentry keeps your fit

One of the most underrated advantages of carpentry is that it helps you stay fit.

Working as a carpenter requires you to move around a lot which can serve as a complete full-body workout.

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