How Many Calories Are Burned Curling?

Calories Burned Curling Calculator and Formula

If you like playing curling and you want to know how many calories you can burn playing this sport, then you are at the right place.

The calories burned from curling is a simple to use calculator that you can use to find the total number of calories you have burned coming from a curling session.

Weight in Pound

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About Calories Burned from Curling Calculator

Curling is an engaging and interactive sport that is played for fun as well as at the competitive level in the Olympics.

It is a team sport which is played on ice.

In this sport, the players have to slide stones on a flat surface made with ice. The stones are slid towards a target area which is divided into four concentric circles.

This game is fun to look at and play. And the amazing thing is, it packs numerous health benefits for the players as well.

The primary health benefit of curling is that it can help burn calories and lose weight.

You can use the calories burned from the curling calculator to determine the exact number of calories you have burned from curling.

This calculator is easy to use and makes it simple for the players who play curling, to find the number of calories they have burned after playing the sport.

How to use this calculator for finding calories burned curling?

Here is how you can use this calculator to find the total calories burned from curling:

  1. Enter your weight in the calculator. You can either choose the kgs option or the lbs option to enter your weight.
  2. Choose the type of curling activity.
  3. Enter the time you have spent playing curling in the calculator.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to get the results for the total number of calories burned from curling.

Formula for finding calories burned from curling

The calories burned from the curling calculator works on the formula for calculating calories burned behind the scenes.

Here is the formula that this calculator uses to find the calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (Weight(kg) x 3.5 x MET) /200

If you want to find the calories burned manually, you can use the above formula to do that.

The equation gives you the result for the calories burned per minute.

You can multiply the answer of the equation by the total number of minutes you have spent playing curling. This will give you the total calories burned from playing this sport.

The term MET in the above formula is the measurement of the energy cost of physical activity such as curling, for a given period of time.

The MET values are fixed for different physical activities.

The MET value for curling is 4.

Does curling help burn calories?

Curling is a popular Olympics sport that requires a lot of physical movement.

As a result of the energy that you spent playing curling, you can burn as many as about 365 calories per hour from curling.

The numbers can vary based on the weight of a person and the time they spend playing the game.

How many calories does an average person burn per hour from curling?

On average, a person can burn as many as between 290 to 450 calories per hour from curling.

If a person weighs about 200 pounds, they can burn as many as 382 calories per hour from curling.

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Additional Health Benefits of Curling

Promotes aerobic fitness

Curling helps the body undergo various aerobic movements that make the cardiovascular system more efficient in terms of absorbing and transporting oxygen.

The sport increases your heart rate and positively affects the cardiovascular system.

With your cardiovascular endurance getting better, your body finds it easier to engage in tough physical activities, without any kind of health risks.

Strengthens the muscles

You get a full-body workout with curling. Since you have to slide on the ice in a specific position, it helps strengthen the calves, glutes, and quadriceps.

Athletes who play curling notice a considerable improvement in their muscle strength, as compared with people who are not into sports.

Makes you more flexible

Playing the sport of curling requires a lot of flexibility. The players do a lot of different exercises to enhance their flexibility.

With improved flexibility, the individuals who play curling find it easy to avoid injuries or minimize their impact.

Enhances your speed and precision

This sport requires you to be fast and precise. As you get better at playing curling, it improves your overall focus, speed, and precision.

The speed at which this game is played is one of the reasons why it is so popular among fans.

Helps with toning legs

This sport helps do automatic toning for legs. This toning is not only useful in the game, it improves the overall quality of life for the players.

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