How Many Calories Do You Burn Fishing?

Calories Burned Fishing Calculator and Formula

Fishing is one of the most thrilling and fun activities that you can do to pass your free time. Fishing can help you unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

Fishing activities are great from a health perspective as well. You can burn a lot of calories and lose weight from fishing.

You can use the calories burned fishing calculator to find the estimated number of calories that you can burn from fishing.

Weight in Pound

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About Calories Burned Fishing Calculator

Whether you are a professional fisherman or you prefer fishing for fun, it is an incredible activity that can help you stay fit and healthy.

The calories burned fishing calculator is a useful online utility that can help you find the number of calories you burn from fishing.

This calculator will help you meet your daily calorie goals by giving the total number of calories you can burn from fishing.

Although fishing is generally not an intense sport in terms of physical activity, you can’t do it properly without spending energy and effort.

So, fishing can help you burn a lot of calories.

You can use our calories burned calculator to find the total number of calories that a person can burn while fishing for any given amount of time.

How to use this calculator for finding calories burned from fishing?

Here is how you can use the calories burned from the fishing calculator:

  1. Enter your weight in the calories burned calculator. You can enter the weight in either kgs or lbs units in the calories
  2. burned fishing calculator.
  3. Choose the type of fishing activity.
  4. Enter the time you have spent fishing in the calculator.
  5. Click on the Calculate button to get the results for the calories burned from fishing.

Formula for finding calories burned fishing

The formula for finding calories burned per minute can be used for finding the total number of calories you burn from fishing.

Here is the formula for finding the calories burned per minute:

Calories burned per minute = (Weight(kg) x 3.5 x MET) / 200

Fishing involves various activities. The MET values for all these activities are predefined.

Here are the MET values for different fishing activities:

  • Fishing with a jog or line while standing – 1.8
  • Fishing while sitting in a boat or canoe – 2
  • Fishing on ice while sitting – 2
  • Fishing with a spear while standing – 2.3
  • Fishing using a fishing wheel or setting net and retrieving fish – 3
  • Fishing for commercial purposes with light effort – 3.5
  • Fishing using a set net – 3.8
  • Catching a fish with hands – 4
  • Crab fishing – 4.5
  • Fishing for commercial purposes with moderate effort – 5
  • Fishing for commercial purposes with vigorous effort – 7

Does fishing help burn calories?

Fishing offers your body a great deal of exercise.

It is a difficult activity that requires a considerable amount of focus and attention.

The physical activity that the fishing activity requires is associated with burning calories.

Depending on the intensity of the activity, a person can burn a lot of calories from fishing.

How many calories does an average person burn fishing for an hour?

On average, a person can burn between 150 to 550 calories per hour fishing, depending on the fishing activity.

The number of calories burned fishing depends on the weight of the person and the intensity of the fishing activity.

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More benefits of fishing

Helps you stay fit and active

Although fishing doesn’t involve intense physical activity, it can still be a source of getting a workout for your body.

Fishing offers your body a low-impact cardio workout that helps you stay fit and active.

Good for your lungs

Fishing in a neat and clean environment can help your lungs open up and perform at their best.

Getting away from the noise and pollution of city life is one the best ways you can make your body get back to its center.

Fishing makes you get enough clean and fresh air to help your body unwind and feel rejuvenated.

Helps you get vitamin D

Fishing under the sun is highly recommended for people who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

This activity enhances your exposure to natural sunlight which helps prevent a lot of skin issues as well.

Alleviates stress

Fishing is a fun activity that makes you feel good from the inside.

If you feel like you have been under a lot of stress lately, fishing can help you channel that stress into something productive.

You can feel calm and fresh again and go about your day without any kind of mental baggage when you come back from a fishing session.

Improves focus and attention

Focus and attention to detail are two of the most important skills that fishing teaches you.

You need to stay calm and collected when fishing. It is a skill that can help you a lot in practical life as well.

Fishing can improve your focus and can have an impact on your cognitive performance.

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