How Many Calories are Burned Juggling?

Calories Burned Juggling Calculator and Formula

Juggling is a low-impact activity that is quite difficult to learn and master.

This activity requires an incredible amount of focus, speed, and attention to detail.

Juggling is one of the most subtle yet fun ways to burn calories and lose weight. You can use our calories burned calculator to find the number of calories burned from juggling.

Weight in Pound

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About Calories Burned Juggling Calculator

When it comes to juggling, most people don’t think of it as something that can help them get exercise and burn calories.

Although it is a low-impact activity, it can indeed help burn calories.

This sport requires you to make quick and accurate movements and you need to spend a lot of physical energy and mental focus to do that effectively.

This is the reason why juggling helps burn calories.

The number of calories burned from juggling might be little, but it is quite good in that you get to have a lot of fun along the way.

The calories burned from the juggling calculator will help you find the calories burned after a long juggling session.

This calculator is simple to use, and it offers you an easy approach for finding the calories burned from an intense juggling session.

How to use this calculator for finding calories burned from juggling?

Here is how you can use the calories burned from the juggling calculator:

  1. Enter your weight in either kgs or lbs in the calories burned calculator.
  2. Choose the type of juggling activity.
  3. Enter the time you have spent juggling.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to get the results for the calories burned from juggling.

Formula for finding calories burned from juggling

You can find the calories burned from juggling manually as well. The process for that is incredibly simple to learn

The calories burned calculator uses the formula for finding the calories burned per minute for its calculations. You can use the same formula to find the calories burned manually.

Here is the formula for finding the calories burned per minute:

Number of Calories Burned Per Minute = (3.5 x MET x Weight(kg)) / 200

When you get the answer for the calories burned per minute using the above equation, you can multiply it by the number of minutes you have spent juggling.

This will give you the calories burned from juggling as per your entered time.

Note: The MET value for juggling is 4.

Does juggling help burn calories?

Juggling is one of the most challenging activities to learn. You need to spend a lot of time, effort, and energy when learning to juggle.

This activity provides a workout to your mind and body. So, it can help burn calories and lose weight.

If you are looking for a fun and challenging activity to learn that can also help you lose weight, we recommend you try learning to juggle.

How many calories does an average person burn from juggling?

An average person can burn between 280 to 400 calories from juggling.

The number of calories burned can vary based on the intensity of the juggling activity and the time you spent juggling.

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Health benefits of learning to juggle

Enhances hand-eye coordination

Juggling is all about hand-eye coordination. You need to have a fast reaction time and spatial acuity for juggling effectively.

As you keep practicing the art of juggling, it helps you develop all these skills. With better hand-eye coordination, you get good at juggling smoothly.

Helps get exercise

Juggling is a highly effective aerobic exercise that can help you stay fit and active. This activity offers you a full-body workout that helps you maintain your health and fitness.

You need to make a lot of physical movements when juggling. So, when you juggle regularly, it enhances your energy levels by making you active.

Enhances focus and attention

People who find it hard to focus and they feel they get distracted easily can learn to juggle to enhance their focus and attention.

This skill demands you to focus on the task at hand, regardless of what is happening around you.

This activity requires you to stay in the present moment and put all your attention into doing the task at hand. Learning this skill is important in almost all the practical aspects of life.

No age restrictions

Whether you are a kid or a grown adult, you can learn to juggle. Since this sport doesn’t require handling heavy gear, anyone can get into it and start learning to juggle.

Although learning it is not going to be easy, you can give it a shot, without any kind of age restrictions.

Promotes mental growth

Learning to juggle is good for the brain as it helps form new neural connections which help improve memory.

The impact of juggling is quite prominent in terms of enhancing the cognitive functioning of the brain.

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