How Many Calories Can You Burn from Doing Les Mills Programs?

Les Mills group fitness training programs include a wide range of different workouts that you can do to meet your health goals. Keep on reading to learn more about Les Mills training programs and how many calories you can burn from these high-intensity workout routines.

Calories Burned With Les Mills Programs

Les Mills training programs include a wide range of exercises, each designed to help a specific health goal. The number of calories burned with Les Mills training programs depends on the type of training program that you are doing.

For example, doing the BodyAttack Les Mills workout can help you burn about 720 calories in an hour.

Weight in Pound

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Calories Burned Doing Les Mills Programs Calculator

If you have joined a Les Mills training program and you are wondering how many calories that particular program can help you burn, then you are at the right place.

You can use the calorie burned from doing Les Mills training programs calculator to keep track of the calories burned.

Fitness enthusiasts always feel excited to learn about their calorie consumption and expenditure. They can use our calculator to figure out the exact number of calories that a specific Les Mills training program is helping them burn during the workout session.

How to Use this Calculator?

Here is how you can use our calculator to find the number of calories burned from doing Les Mills training programs:

  1. Choose your preferred input option for weight.
  2. Enter your weight in the calculator.
  3. Choose the type of Les Mills training program.
  4. Enter the amount of time that you have spent doing the training program.
  5. Click on the Calculate button to find the number of calories burned.

How the Calculator Works

Our calorie burned calculator is based on the formula for finding the calories burned per minute to find the number of calories burned.

The formula itself is based on the concept of Metabolic Equivalent Task (MET). The MET value for an activity is calculated by multiplying 3.5mL oxygen per kg of body weight by the number of minutes you spend being engaged in an activity.

A physical activity that requires intense physical movement helps you burn a greater number of calories as compared with an activity that is not quite intense.


Here is the formula for finding calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x 3.5 x Bodyweight(kg)) / 200


MET is the amount of energy required by the body to do a specific task. The MET values for different Les Mills training programs are different, based on their intensity.

When talking about the MET, the concepts of Active Metabolic Rate (AMR) and the Rest Metabolic Rate (RMR) also come into play.

Your AMR helps determine the number of calories burned while your body is in the active state throughout the day.

The RMR value of activity helps determine the number of calories burned while your body is resting.

An activity with a MET value of 1 burns the number of calories equal to what is burned by your RMR.

An activity with a MET value of 6 is going to burn six times the number of calories as your RMR.


  • What is the number of calories that a person burns from being engaged in the BodyAttack workout, which is a popular Les Mills training program, who weighs 160 lbs (72.5 kgs) and spends 60 minutes doing the workout? The MET value for the BodyAttack workout is 9.5.
  • Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x 3.5 x Bodyweight(kg)) / 200
  • Calories Burned Per Minute = (9.5 x 3.5 x 72.5) / 200
  • Calories Burned Per Minute = 12 calories
  • Calories Burned in 60 Minutes = 12 calories x 60
  • Calories Burned in 60 Minutes =  720 calories

About Les Mills Training Programs

Les Mills Workouts were developed by Phillip Mills to promote better health and endurance in athletes and people in general. Les Mills Training is usually done in a group that follows an experienced instructor to do choreographed steps with a certain type of music.
Les Mills workouts are offered in gyms across 75 countries and people love these because they get a chance to work on their bodies while having fun.
Les Mills workouts allow you to develop better coordination and they increase your stamina by challenging you both physically and mentally.

Types of Training in Les Mills Programs

Les Mills Workouts spread over a wide range of categories. They work on every muscle of your body and give you both great health as well as a better look. You can find Les Mills programs for things like HIIT, core, cardio, flexibility, strength, dance, mind-body and kid’s workouts, etc.
Some of the most popular Les Mills workouts routines are body pump, body balance, body attack, body step, body jam, Les Mills Sprint, indoor cycling, etc.
All these workouts make you stronger from the inside and you feel healthier and more fit as a result.

Benefits of Les Mills Training Programs

Choose Multiple pieces of training On-Demand

Les Mills Training programs give you a great variety of workouts to choose from. No matter whether you are looking to lose some weight, gain a few extra pounds, develop more coordination, or work towards a better posture, you can find a Les Mills program that fits your every need.
You don’t need to train randomly since Les Mills exercises allow you to target certain weak areas of your fitness and make these stronger.

Try New Training Programs for Better Results

Les Mills keeps adding new and more effective programs to the list. This means you will get access to the latest workouts that are being employed in major health centers across the world.
By constantly trying out new ideas you can soon find a workout that fits your needs best without draining much of your energy.

Learn from Different Instructors

Les Mills offers lessons from a number of experienced trainers. These people know full well how the human body works and what you need to do to get the desired results.
By learning from different teachers, you get to see things from a different perspective and you get valuable insights into what you can do to make your workouts more effective.
Thus, Les Mills can make your health a lot better by providing you with the most authentic and accurate fitness content.

800+ Online Workouts Available

Les Mills has a huge collection of workouts that you can try anywhere you want. The workouts have been divided into various categories and you can choose anyone based on your current fitness level. Each of these workouts is explained clearly to you by expert trainers.
This vast collection of workouts allows you to work on your body and get in the best shape in the least amount of time.

Fast & Easy Access

Les Mills Workouts are extremely easy to access. You don’t have to have an appointment with your trainer or adjust your schedule to do these workouts.
You can access these workouts only using a smart device you own and start working towards a healthy mind and body.

The easy access makes these workouts so much useful for people who are busier and cannot make time to visit a fitness center.

MET Values Table

Type of Activity MET
BodyAttack 9.5
BodyBalance 4
BodyCombat 7.7
BodyPump 8
BodyStep 8.2
BodyVive 6

Factors Affecting Calories Burned from Les Mills Programs

The number of calories that you burn from doing a Les Mills training program depends on the intensity of the workout, your weight, and the time you spend doing the workout.

For example, doing the BodyAttack workout requires more physical effort as compared with the BodyBalance workout. This is why the BodyAttack helps burn more calories than the BodyBalance workout.

More Calorie Calculators:


1. Which Les Mills program burns the most calories?

The highest calorie-burning Les Mills program is the BodyCombat. In a 55-minute BodyCombat class, you can burn about 750 calories.

2. How many calories do you burn in a Les Mills class?

On average, you can burn about 450 calories in 45 minutes of Les Mills class.

3. How many calories were burned in Les Mills PUMP?

During the 55 minutes Les Mills Pump session, you can easily burn about 400 calories.

4. How many calories do you burn in a 45-minute BODYPUMP class?

In 45 minutes of BodyPump Les Mills class, you can burn approximately 315 to 330 calories.

Wrapping Up

The Les Mills training programs are quite intense in terms of the effort and energy that they require. If you want to see good results fast, then we suggest you join a Les Mills training program.

Also, you can use our calorie burned calculator to find the number of calories that you burn from different Les Mills training programs.

Visit our website to find more of our calorie calculators for various physical activities.


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