How Many Calories Burned Painting (painting room, walls and fence)?

Calories Burned Painting Calculator and Formula

Painting is one of the most popular ways of self-expression. It is a skill that requires a lot of time to learn and master.

Along with being rewarding on an emotional level, painting can also help you stay physically healthy and fit. You can burn calories and lose weight from painting as well.

The calories burned from the painting calculator will help you find the total number of calories that you can burn from painting.

Weight in Pound

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About Calories Burned Painting Calculator

Painting is a low-impact physical activity. When we think about painting, we don’t look at it in terms of being a physically demanding activity.

But still, creating a painting masterpiece requires you to spend a lot of energy and time. The energy that you spend while painting can have an impact on your physical health.

Whether you are painting a picture, or you are painting the walls around your home, you can burn calories through this activity.

You can use our calories burned from the painting calculator to find the total number of calories burned from the painting.

This calculator is 100% free to use and it works without requiring you to create an account on our website.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can use the calories burned from the painting calculator:

  1. Input your weight in the calories burned from the painting calculator.
  2. Input the time you have spent on painting a piece of work.
  3. Click on the Calculate button to find the total calories burned from the painting.

Formula for finding calories burned from painting

You can find the calories burned from painting using the formula for finding the calories burned per minute as well.

Here is the formula for finding the calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (Weight(kg) x MET x 3.5) / 200

This equation will give the calories burned per minute. You need to multiply the answer to this equation with the total number of minutes you have spent on painting to get the total calories burned.

The MET is the measurement of the energy cost of physical activity such as painting, for any period of time.

Here are the MET values for different activities associated with painting:

  • Painting on a canvas while standing – 1.8
  • Sandpainting – 2.5
  • Painting the interior of a house – 3.3
  • Painting a house with moderate effort – 3.3
  • Painting as a home repair task – 4.5
  • Painting the outside of a home – 5

Does painting help burn calories?

Painting on a canvas doesn’t require a lot of physical activity. But still, doing it every day for a long time can help you burn calories and lose weight.

On the other hand, painting the walls and furniture of a house is a physically demanding activity. You can burn a lot of calories by painting the walls or the furniture around your home.

How many calories does an average person burn from painting for an hour?

An average person can burn between 225 to 300 calories per hour from painting. These numbers are associated with painting the walls or the furniture.

If you paint on a piece of paper or a canvas, you can burn between 125 to 175 calories in an hour.

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Benefits of learning to paint

Makes you feel productive

Painting is one of the best leisure activities out there. Even if you don’t know how to paint, you can get into it and start painting till you get better.

Aside from the expressive painting, you can also paint your home in your free time. If there is a paint job around your home that needs completion, you can do it to make yourself feel productive.

Makes you feel confident

Learning to paint is not easy. It is a skill that can take a lifetime to master. But still, when you get good at painting, it makes you feel good about yourself.

When you paint something by yourself, it gives you greater confidence in your ability to make things happen.

Alleviates stress

Painting is a great stress reliever. Even if you feel like you are not a creative person, you can paint the walls or the furniture around your home.

This helps take your mind off stress. When you paint, it forces you to focus on the task at hand and not think about the things that are causing stress in your life.

Helps enhance motor skills

Whether you are working on a piece of art or you are painting your walls, this practice can help enhance your motor skills.

With improved motor skills, you find it easier to do various tasks in the practical life that most people have a hard time doing.

Promotes emotional growth

Painting a picture or the walls around your home is a helpful experience in terms of emotional growth.

Painting helps you be more appreciative of your surroundings. It is a form of abstract emotional expression that promotes positive emotions in an individual.

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