How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Hockey?

Calories Burned Playing Hockey Calculator

Hockey is one of the most widely played team sports in the world.

It is an intense sport that requires you to run around carrying a hockey in your hands and pushing a ball with it with the aim to score a goal against the opponent team.

If you have just come back from playing hockey and you want to find the number of calories you have burned, you can use the calories burned playing hockey calculator for that.

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About Calories Burned Playing Hockey Calculator

The calories burned from playing hockey calculator is a useful tool that you can use to keep track of the calories burned from an intense hockey session.

Whether you are a professional hockey player or you play this sport for fun, hockey demands an incredible amount of effort and energy.

If you care about your fitness, you need to know the exact number of calories you burn from playing hockey.

Knowing the numbers will help you meet your fitness goals with much greater accuracy.

The calories burned playing hockey calculator offers you an easier approach for finding the calories burned from playing hockey.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can use the calories burned calculator to find the total number of calories burned from playing hockey:

  1. Enter your weight in the calories burned calculator. You can choose to enter the weight either in kgs or lbs in the calculator.
  2. Choose the type of hockey activity.
  3. Enter the time you have spent playing hockey in the calculator.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to get the results for the calories burned from playing hockey.

Formula for finding calories burned playing hockey

The calories burned calculator is the easiest way for finding the calories burned from playing hockey.

But still, you might want to know how this calculator works behind the scenes.

This way, you will be able to find the calories burned in case you don’t have access to the calculator.

The calories burned calculator uses the formula for finding the calories burned per minute.

Here is the formula for finding the calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (3.5 x Weight(kg) x MET) / 200

You can use this formula to find the calories burned in a minute for playing hockey. The MET in the formula is the measurement of the energy cost of physical activity such as playing hockey, for any period of time.

The MET values for hockey are given below:

  • Playing field hockey – 7.8
  • Playing ice hockey (non-competitive) – 8
  • Playing ice hockey (competitive) – 10

Does playing hockey help burn calories?

Being an intensely physical sport that requires the use of a huge amount of energy, hockey is one of the best sports to play to burn calories and lose weight.

If you are looking for a hobby to take up for losing calories, we recommend you try out playing hockey. It is a fun and interactive sport that can help you stay fit and active.

How many calories does an average person burn playing hockey?

An average person can burn between 500 to 700 calories per hour from playing hockey.

If you are playing hockey at the competitive level, the number of calories burned can be anywhere between 700 to 100 calories per hour.

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Additional health benefits of playing hockey

Boosts metabolism

Playing hockey helps enhance the metabolic activity in the body. It gives you more energy and helps you protect against diseases.

This sport is one of the best ways to get interval training which can help you stay active for an extended period of time.

Improves cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system plays an important role in keeping your body working at its best throughout the day.

Hockey is great for the cardiovascular system as it helps the body open up and use oxygen in the most efficient way.

Offers a full-body workout

Playing hockey can be an alternative for a full-body workout.

If you dread the idea of going to the gym, you can try forcing yourself to get some exercise by playing hockey.

And if you like to play hockey, you get to kill two birds with one stone as you get a full-body workout session from playing hockey for about an hour.

Helps develop hand-eye coordination

Playing hockey effectively requires an excellent level of hand-eye coordination.

If you want to enhance your physical movement capacity and make yourself more active and focused, playing hockey can help you develop the necessary skills.

Enhances muscular strength

Hockey is a sport that requires a lot of physical and mental toughness. If you play this sport for a long time, it makes your muscles stronger than an average person.

With enhanced muscle strength, you get to be a better player and minimize the impact of injuries as well.

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