How Many Calories Does Raking Leaves Burn?

Calories Burned Raking Calculator and Formula

Raking leaves off your garden requires a lot of effort. The time and energy that you put into clearing out the leaves from your garden can also help improve your physical health.

You can burn a lot of calories while raking leaves off your lawn.

The calories burned raking leaves calculator will help you find the exact number of calories that you can burn from this lawn care activity.

Weight in Pound

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About Calories Burned Raking Calculator

Raking leaves is an essential lawn care activity that is great for both your body and the lawn of your home.

The biggest benefit of raking leaves is that it gets your body to move around a lot. This activity offers your body a proper workout that helps you stay active throughout the day.

The calories burned from the raking leaves calculator is an easy-to-use online tool that you can use to find the calories burned from raking leaves.

This calculator is 100% free and works on mobile devices as well.

The calories burned from the raking calculator is quite useful for fitness enthusiasts who want to learn about the calories that they can burn from raking leaves, for any amount of time.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can use this calculator to find the calories burned from raking leaves:

  1. Input your weight in the calories burned from the raking leaves calculator.
  2. Choose the raking leaves activity.
  3. Enter the time you have spent raking leaves off your lawn.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to find the total calories burned from raking leaves.

Formula for finding calories burned from raking

You can find the calories burned from raking leaves via a manual calculation approach as well.

You need to know the formula for finding calories burned per minute for manual calculation of the calories burned.

Here is the formula for finding the calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (Weight(kg) x 3.5 x MET) / 200

The MET refers to the measurement of the energy cost of a physical activity for a certain period of time.

You can use this formula to find the calories burned per minute.

Once you get the answer for the calories burned per minute, you can multiply the answer of this equation by the total number of minutes you have spent raking leaves.

This will give you the result for the total number of calories burned from raking leaves.

The MET values for different raking leaves activities are given below:

  • Raking leaves with a leaf blower – 3.5
  • Raking leaves with moderate effort – 3.8
  • Sacking the leaves – 4
  • Raking lawn (Taylor Code 600) – 4

Does raking help burn calories?

Raking leaves is a great source of workouts for your body. You need to put in a lot of physical effort when raking leaves off your garden.

This activity is great for burning calories and losing weight.

According to research, a person who weighs about 100 pounds can burn about 181 calories from raking leaves for an hour.

How many calories does an average person burn from raking?

On average, a person can burn between 275 to 375 calories from raking leaves for an hour.

The number of calories burned varies based on the weight of the person, and the intensity with which they do the leaves raking activity.

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Benefits of raking leaves off the Lawn

Helps your body get exercise

Raking leaves involves spending time on the lawn where there is fresh air for you everywhere. You get to have a lot of exercise while working on your lawn.

Although raking leaves is not a demanding physical activity, it is still quite effective when it comes to giving your body a proper workout.

Lawn thatch removal

Lawn thatch can be damaging to the health and beauty of your garden. By raking leaves, you get to eliminate the lawn thatch which helps your lawn look at its best.

Lawn thatch can be quite hazardous for physical health as well. So, by getting rid of it, you get to create a healthy environment for yourself and your loved ones.

Makes your lawn looks neat

Raking leaves off your garden makes your place look at its best. It helps add value to your property by making it look more presentable.

When you rake leaves off your garden, it makes your property look more presentable to the potential buyers.

Prevents snow mold diseases in plants

If you don’t get rid of the leaves from your garden, it can promote the buildup of snow mold disease in your plants.

This disease can spread to your entire garden and can destroy all your plants.

This is what makes it incredibly important for you to rake the leaves off your garden regularly. Plus, it helps protect your place from animals such as voles and mice as well.

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