Calories Burned Resting (Sleeping, Meditating, Watching TV, Sitting, Standing) Calculator

Calories Burned Resting Calculator Calculator and Formula

Your body uses calories, even when you are resting or asleep.

Although calories consumption is not a lot while resting, it is still worth knowing if you want to have complete control over your fitness routine.

The calories burned from the resting calculator will help you find the number of calories that you burn while resting and doing nothing.

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About Calories Burned Resting Calculator

Your body requires energy to keep itself functioning throughout the day.

Even when you are resting, your body needs the energy to perform tasks such as breathing, blood circulation, and other automatic tasks that keep happening in your body throughout the day.

So, although not a lot, you can burn calories while resting or being asleep.

You can use the calories burned from the resting calculator to find the total number of calories you have burned while doing nothing.

This calculator offers you a simple approach for finding the calories burned while being at rest.

You can enter your weight in the calculator, choose the resting activity, and the time you have spent resting to find the total number of calories you have burned while doing nothing.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can find the calories burned from resting:

  1. Enter your weight in the calculator. You can enter the weight either in kgs or lbs in the calculator.
  2. Choose the resting activity.
  3. Enter the time you have spent resting.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to find the total number of calories you have burned from resting.

Formula for finding calories burned from resting

You can find the calories burned from resting using our calculator, or through the manual calories burned calculation approach.

Here is how you can find the calories burned per minute manually:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (Weight(kg) x MET x 3.5) / 200

The MET is the measurement of the energy cost of physical activity, for any time interval.

This equation gives you the result for the calories burned per minute. Once you have found the calories burned per minute, you can multiply your answer with the total number of minutes you have spent resting.

This will give you the value for the total calories burned from resting.

Here are the MET values for different resting activities:

  • Sleeping – 0.95
  • Meditating – 1
  • Lying quietly and watching TV – 1
  • Sitting quietly in general – 1.3
  • Standing quietly in a line – 1.3
  • Lying quietly and doing nothing – 1.3
  • Lying in bed being awake – 1.3
  • Standing and fidgeting – 1.8

Does resting help burn calories?

Your body stays at work, even when you are not engaged in any sort of physical activity.

There are a lot of internal tasks that your body has to perform to keep itself functional throughout the day.

These tasks include metabolism, breathing, circulation of blood, etc.

All these tasks involve calories in one way or another. So, by performing these automated bodily tasks, your body can burn calories while being at rest.

How many calories does an average person burn from resting?

An average person can burn between 75 to 100 calories from resting and doing nothing for an hour.

The number of calories burned varies based on the factors such as the weight of the person, the time they spend resting, and the type of resting activity.

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Health benefits of getting proper rest at the end of the day

Alleviates stress

Resting is a great way of managing the stresses and worries of everyday life. When you rest, it helps you realign your focus and makes you feel calm and fresh.

When you start feeling at peace with yourself through getting proper rest, you get better at dealing with challenges that life throws at you.

Makes your heart healthier

When you are resting, it helps your heart to get into its resting momentum. The heart rate comes down and the blood pressure falls along with it.

Since resting helps regulate blood pressure, it helps prevent heart health issues associated with high blood pressure.

Enhance cognitive performance

Not getting enough sleep is one of the most common factors affecting cognitive performance. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body and mind feel tired.

Getting proper rest helps your brain work better and process new information in a much faster way.

Immune system improvement

Lack of sleep affects your immune health. If you can’t seem to get your body and mind to have sufficient rest, it makes you vulnerable to physical and psychological issues.

With proper rest, your body keeps the diseases associated with the lack of sleep at bay.

Regulates blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the major causes of cardiovascular diseases.

Getting rest ensures that your blood pressure stays properly regulated which helps prevent physical health issues.

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