How Many Calories Are Burned Skiing?

Calories Burned Skiing Calculator and Formula

Skiing is one of the toughest winter sports that you can play to keep yourself healthy and active during the winters.

This sport can help you burn calories and lose or maintain your body weight.

If you want to find the number of calories burned from skiing, then you can use our calories burned from the skiing calculator.

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About Calories Burned Skiing Calculator

Skiing is a fun yet incredibly difficult sport that takes a lot of practice to learn.

In this sport, you use skis to glide on the snow.

Skiing is a popular sport among kids and adults all over the world. You can play this sport as a leisure activity, or you can train yourself in skiing to play at the professional level.

Along with being an enjoyable sport, skiing also offers your body a great deal of exercise during the winters.

Since skiing works out your entire body, it can help you burn calories and lose weight.

The calories burned from the skiing calculator is an easy-to-use online tool that you can use to find the calorie burn from skiing.

This calculator is 100% free and you can use it on your PC or smartphone to find the calories burned from skiing.

The longer you ski, the more calories you burn. The type of ski slopes that you use for skiing also affects the number of calories burned from skiing. Skiing is a difficult and more intense sport than ice skating. Using a ski lift, on the other hand, doesn’t burn a considerable amount of calories.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can find the estimated calories burned from the skiing calculator:

  1. Enter your weight in the calculator.
  2. Choose the type of skiing activity.
  3. Enter the time you have spent skiing.
  4. Click on the Calculate button to find the total number of calories burned from skiing.

Formula for finding calories burned from skiing

You can find the calories burned from skiing manually as well.

You need to know the formula for finding calories burned per minute for this type of calculation.

Here is the formula for finding calories burned per minute:

Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x 3.5 x Weight(kg)) / 200

You can multiply the answer of the above equation by the total number of minutes you have spent skiing.

This will give you the result for the total number of calories you have burned from skiing.

The MET in the above equation is the measurement of the energy cost of physical activity (such as skiing), for any period of time.

The MET values for different skiing activities are given below:

  • Snowboarding downhill with light effort – 4.3
  • Snowboarding downhill with moderate effort – 5.3
  • Snowshoeing with moderate effort – 5.3
  • Cross-country skiing at 2.5mph – 6.8
  • Skiing in general – 7
  • Ski jumping – 7
  • Sledding, tobogganing, bobsledding, luge – 7
  • Skiing downhill (alpine skiing) with vigorous effort – 8
  • Cross-country skiing at 4-4.9 mph – 9
  • Snowshoeing with vigorous effort – 10
  • Cross-country skiing at 5-7.7 mph – 12.5
  • Cross-country skiing uphill – 15.5

Does skiing burn calories?

Skiing is one of the best winter activities for staying physically healthy during the cold winter days.

If you want to help your body get sufficient exercise, burn calories, and lose weight during the winters, then skiing will be the best way to do that.

Since this sport requires your body to move at a fast pace and you need to maneuver on uneven terrain, it helps your body get a lot of exercises.

With skiing, you can burn calories faster than other winter activities.

For example, you can burn between 250 to 500 calories per hour from downhill skiing.

How many calories does an average person burn from skiing for an hour?

On average, a person can burn between 380 to 500 calories per hour from skiing.

The number of calories burned can vary based on the weight of the person, the type, and the intensity of the skiing activity.

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Is skiing good exercise for the body?

Skiing works the major muscle groups and keeps the body healthy and active.

Here are the most prominent benefits of skiing that you need to know:

Enhances body awareness

When you ski during the cold weather, you need to stay mentally present and aware of your surroundings to ski effectively.

You need to be aware of your body at all times during skiing. This helps you control your body and guide it in the right direction when playing this sport.

Strengthens the bones

Skiing requires you to use your arms to push yourself forward if you are going uphill.

For downhill skiing, you need to focus on your knees to control your direction.

So, it doesn’t matter the kind of skiing that you are doing, it helps you strengthen your bones.

Helps you feel relaxed

Skiing is a fun activity that you can do with your friends and family in your free time.

It is one of the most entertaining ways of spending your winter vacations.

Improves cardiovascular health

Skiing is an excellent aerobic endurance activity that improves the health of your cardiovascular system.

This sport works your heart and lungs that help keep your body performing at its best throughout the day.

Lower-body workout

Skiing works your lower body muscles such as the knees, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

Athletes can ski to take their lower-body muscle strength and endurance to the next level.

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