Calories Burned Standing vs Sitting Calculator

Calories Burned Standing Calculator and Formula

Did you know that your body burns calories even when you are standing quietly and doing nothing?

You can use the calories burned from the standing calculator to find the total number of calories that you can burn while standing quietly or doing some kind of task while standing.

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About Calories Burned Standing Calculator

When it comes to standing versus sitting, standing burns more calories than sitting or sleeping. When you stand, gravity works to keep your body down. Your body needs the energy to keep you standing against gravity.

Along with that, your body requires energy for various bodily functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and temperature regulation.

This energy comes from burning calories.

So, when you are standing, your body burns calories to produce energy that helps keep it standing for an extended amount of time.

The calories burned from a standing calculator is an efficient online utility that you can use to find the calories burned from standing for any amount of time.

You can use this calculator to easily keep track of the calories burned standing, for free.

This calculator features a simple UI design which makes it easier for you to calculate the calories burned from standing.

How to use this calculator?

Here is how you can find the calorie burn calculator:

  1. Enter your weight in the calories burned from the standing calculator.
  2. Choose the type of standing activity.
  3. Enter the time you have spent standing
  4. Click on the Calculate button to find the total number of calories you have burned from standing.

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Formula for finding calories burned from standing

The calories burned from the standing calculator are based on the formula for finding calories burned per minute.

Here is the formula for finding calories burned per minute:

Total Calories Burned Per Minute = (MET x Weight(kg) x 3.5) / 200

When you get the calories burned per minute, you can multiply your answer by the total number of minutes you have spent standing.

This will give you the total number of calories burned from standing.

The MET (Metabolic Equivalent)in the above equation is the value of the energy expenditure as a result of physical activity performed for any amount of time.

The MET values for different standing activities are given below:

  • Standing quietly on standing desks – 1.3
  • Standing quietly while attending a ceremony – 1.3
  • Standing while copying documents – 1.5
  • Standing and fidgeting – 1.8
  • Drawing, painting, or writing while standing – 1.8
  • Talking on the phone while standing – 1.8
  • Reading while standing – 1.8
  • Standing while talking in the church – 1.8
  • Standing while holding a child – 2
  • Standing while doing a low-intensity task – 2
  • Standing while doing light work – 2.3
  • Standing in general – 2.3
  • Standing in a Casino while gambling – 2.5
  • Playing with children while standing – 2.8
  • Bathing a dog while standing – 3.5
  • Standing with moderate effort – 3.5
  • Standing while lifting heavy objects – 5

Does standing burns calories?

Standing is a low-intensity physical activity that can help you burn calories and lose weight.

Standing quietly and not doing anything also helps burn calories.

You can burn more calories while standing and doing a moderate to high-intensity task.

The calories burned while standing is not as much as when you are involved in a physical activity that requires intense effort.

More Calorie Calculators:

How many calories does an average person burn standing for an hour?

On average, you can burn between 100 to 190 calories per hour standing.

The number of calories that you burn from standing depends on your weight and the type of standing activity.

Health benefits of standing

Improves posture

When you sit for an extended period of time, it affects your natural posture. Although you can maintain your posture while sitting, it requires a lot of conscious effort. Standing offers various musculoskeletal benefits as well.

Standing helps you maintain the right posture by eliminating the pressure on your back and discs that sitting puts. It also helps get rid of the shoulder and neck discomfort.

Alleviates back pain

Sitting without moving at all is one of the biggest reasons for back pain issues. This is why doctors recommend standing up for a few minutes after you have spent a few hours sitting in one place.

When you move around while standing up, it helps prevent the back pain issues from getting worse.

Enhances blood circulation

When you are sitting in one place, the blood circulation in your body doesn’t happen as it should.

Standing up promotes faster and more effective blood circulation which keeps you healthy and active throughout the day. It helps prevent you from developing the cardiometabolic disease as well.

Keeps you active

Standing and working is a more effective way of getting things done than sitting.

You can get a standing desk for yourself and use that to do your work to maximize your productivity.

Lowers the risk of weight gain

Sitting all day is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain. Since there is no physical effort involved in sitting, it burns a very little amount of calories.

When you stand for a long time, it helps burn more calories and lowers the risk of obesity.

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